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Adobe shuts down July 4th week to ride out recession

Adobe Systems has shut down its North American offices for a week for the second time this year as part of cost-cutting measures.

Microsoft user group demands Opera boycott over EU suit

A Microsoft enthusiast group has called for a boycott of Opera's product due to the browser maker's part in the EU antitrust campaign against Microsoft.

Adobe's Acrobat.com collaboration services emerge from beta

Adobe's Acrobat.com collaboration services emerge from beta Monday.

Mozilla to let enterprises build custom Firefox browsers

Mozilla will launch a program that will allow companies to build their own customized browsers based on the next version of Firefox.

Windows 7 will ship October 22

Microsoft confirmed an October 22 ship date for the next version of Windows Tuesday, saying it would also offer an upgrade service to current Windows users.

Amazon.com to ship Kindle DX ahead of schedule

Amazon.com's new large-screen Kindle DX e-reader will ship earlier than expected,

Adobe aligns software branding to shine light on Flash

Adobe is aligning its Web design and developer tools, including a new one developers can begin testing Monday, under its Flash brand.

Jury orders Microsoft to pay $200 million in patent dispute

A jury in Texas has ordered Microsoft to pay a Toronto software company $200 million for patent-infringement.

Flock enhances social browser's links to Twitter, Facebook

Flock has released a new version of its social browser that improves its links to social-networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

AT&T income down but mobile business healthy

AT&T's revenue was essentially flat with a decline in both net income and EPS for Q1.

Oracle, entering hardware arena, agrees to buy Sun for $7.4B

Oracle has signed a deal to purchase Sun Microsystems for $7.4 billion, plunging Oracle into the hardware market.

Adobe's new Flash can stream Internet content to TVs

Adobe developed a version of its Flash multimedia streaming technology that allows entertainment programming to run to television sets from the Internet.

Microsoft lashes out at Adobe over Silverlight comments

Recent comments made by an Adobe executive about Silverlight have raised the ire of Microsoft.

Silverlight adoption hampered by economic crisis

Designers and developers say adoption of Microsoft’s Silverlight technology has been hampered by the economic crisis.

Silverlight to stream Obama’s inauguration

Microsoft's Silverlight has been chosen for the live streaming of Obama's inauguration on Tuesday.