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Report: Companies use Word out of habit, not necessity

A Forrester report said companies are using Microsoft Word for word processing out of habit rather than necessity and are considering other alternatives.

Microsoft may release Windows 7 beta at CES

Attendees at next month's annual Consumer Electronics Show could get the first public look at Windows 7.

Microsoft targets auctions in counterfeit crackdown

Microsoft continues to crack down on people it believes are counterfeiting and selling its software. On Thursday the company...

Ballmer doesn’t see Google Android as competitor yet

Android is not seen as a real competitor to Windows Mobile, Steve Ballmer says.

Android phone launch day relatively quiet

The first day of sales for the first Android phone was relatively quiet, especially compared to the iPhone launch.

Analysis: For Microsoft shops, Silverlight 2.0 trumps Flash

The imminent release of Silverlight 2.0 means a showdown is shaping up between Microsoft’s cross-browser runtime for Web-based multimedia and 3-D applications and Adobe’s Flash.

Company: Microsoft's Windows campaign violates trademark

Small virtual-OS company G.ho.st says Microsoft’s use of the phrase “no walls” in its Windows marketing campaign violates its trademark.

At 10-year mark, Google's glossy facade shows cracks

As Google celebrates its 10th anniversary, the company faces the cultural complexities and challenges that come with the transition from hip startup to corporate giant.

Immersion to pay Microsoft $20 million to settle patent suit

A company that makes touch sensors for interacting with computer applications has agreed to pay Microsoft $20 million to settle a patent suit.

Apple blames scorching iPods on battery problem

Apple is blaming a problem with overheating iPods in Japan on faulty batteries.

Mozilla invites people to design Web's future

Mozilla is inviting people to take part in a new conceptual series that aims to envision the future design of Web technologies.

Adobe: Flash gaining traction in the enterprise

Adobe says Flash is beginning to catch on more among enterprise customers.

Group queues up for iPhone 3G to promote organic farming

A group of publicity-seekers and iPhone enthusiasts have connected the iPhone 3G and organic farming to line up for Friday’s launch.

Microsoft says it would deal with new Yahoo board

Microsoft says it would deal with a new Yahoo board in its ongoing effort to acquire part or all of the company.

Mozilla's Firefox 3 sets geeky world record

Mozilla is successful in setting the world record for most software downloads in one day with Firefox 3.