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ISO approves PDF as an international standard

The ISO has approved PDF as an international standard.

Mozilla logs 8 million-plus Firefox 3 downloads in a day

Mozilla logged more than 8 million downloads of Firefox 3 in 24 hours.

Yahoo ends talks with Microsoft, possibly nears Google deal

Yahoo has ended its talks with Microsoft about a deal narrower in scope than a full acquisition, Yahoo revealed on Thursday.

Mozilla sets June 17 for Firefox 3 ‘Download Day’

Mozilla has set Tuesday for release of the next version of Firefox and an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for software downloads.

Gates bids adieu to developers

Bill Gates delivered his final speech as a full-time Microsoft employee to software developers at TechEd.

Mozilla shooting for record books with Firefox 3 release

Mozilla is aiming to create what may be the geekiest world record ever with its upcoming Firefox 3 browser release.

Microsoft to appeal $1.3 billion EU fine

Microsoft is appealing the $1.3 billion fine imposed on it by the European Union for failing to honor a 2004 antitrust agreement.

Analysis: Yahoo-Microsoft merger back on the table?

The on-again, off-again Yahoo-Microsoft talks may be on again, as Yahoo executives show signs of wanting to return to the bargaining table.

Analysis: Microsoft should focus on strengths

Microsoft should consider putting its search-advertising endeavors on the back burner for now and attempt an end run at Google by trying to become a leader in the display-, video- and mobile-advertising markets, where no company is a clear leader yet.

Adobe establishes Open Screen Project for Flash, AIR

Adobe launched a new community development project on Thursday aimed at using its Flash and AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) technologies to create a consistent application interface across all devices -- whether they are smartphones, PCs or set-top boxes.

Microsoft reveals new content partners, DRM for Silverlight

Microsoft has unveiled new content partners for Silverlight and provided details for a new DRM system for the technology.

Microsoft to Yahoo: Make deal or face proxy fight

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer sent an open letter Saturday to Yahoo saying it is prepared to take its $44.6 billion offer to buy Yahoo directly to the search engine company’s shareholders.

Study sees Microsoft brand in sharp decline

Microsoft's brand power has been in sharp decline over the past four years, an indication the company is losing credibility and mindshare with U.S. business users, according to a recent study by market research firm CoreBrand.

Silverlight for iPhone next? Not quite, says Ballmer

Could Silverlight be the next Microsoft technology to work on the iPhone? Don't bet on it anytime soon, said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Ozzie: Microsoft needs Yahoo for Web, advertising plan

Microsoft’s Ray Ozzie lays a case for why buying Yahoo is integral to Microsoft’s Web-based advertising and services strategy.