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Cash isn't king: Apple limits iPhone purchases

Apple is accepting only credit or debit card payments for iPhones, according to Apple Store employees, in an effort to curb people from unlocking the device.

Leopard release makes crowds roar across the country

Big crowds turned out at Apple Stores across the country as soon as Mac OS X 10.5 became available at 6 p.m. local time Friday.

Adobe to give designers visual tool with 'Thermo' project

Adobe previewed a new tool to help designers build RIAs code-named Thermo.

Adobe updates developer release of AIR tech

Adobe releases developer technologies as part of its plan to promote AIR among developers.

Adobe releases Media Player beta, boosts SaaS

Adobe is releasing a beta version of its Media Player and is making other related announcements.

Tech executives dominate richest Americans list

Technology executives made a strong showing in the top 10 of Forbes’ annual list of richest Americans.

Microsoft cuts Zune price as Apple ups iPod ante

As Apple overhauled its iPod line, Microsoft cut the price on its Zune music player by $50.

Microsoft games exec hints at iPhone rival

Microsoft's entertainment and games CFO hints at development of iPhone rival.

Vista SP1 due in Q1 2008, beta in September

Microsoft will release the first Service Pack for Vista initially as a beta version in September -- the "full" release will follow sometime in early 2008.

iPhone unlocking video hits Web

A video showing a handset-unlocking vendor unlocking the iPhone with software has appeared on the Web.

Legal worries delay iPhone unlocking software

A UK company postpones plans to release iPhone unlocking software for fear of legal action.

iPhone unlockers lining up

Two claims of iPhone unlocking have arisen in recent days and a third is coming Saturday.

Ballmer parries discussion of Yahoo buy

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer shot down the last hope for a Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo during an interview in New York.

Eminem's publisher sues Apple over downloads

Rapper Eminem's music publishers are suing Apple for allegedly selling his songs on iTunes without their permission.

Microsoft, Digg form advertising agreement

Microsoft teams up with Digg to provide contextual and display advertising on the popular news aggregation site.