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UK company says it's close to unlocking iPhones

A U.K.-based company said it is close to cracking the code that will unlock iPhones.

Massachusetts adds Open XML to open formats list

In a victory for Microsoft, Massachusetts has added Ecma's version of Open XML to a list of standards technologies.

Nonprofit garners support with NYC iPhone vigil

A New York nonprofit is using its place in line for the iPhone to raise money for children with AIDS in Africa.

New Yorkers camp out for iPhone despite summer heat

New Yorkers brave 90-degree-plus Fahrenheit temperatures to line up several days ahead of iPhone release at Apple Store.

Adobe Apollo becomes AIR, goes into beta

Adobe has renamed its Apollo runtime "AIR" and has released a beta of the technology along with the next version of Flex, the accompanying development environment.

Microsoft Zune team invited to give up iPods

Microsoft's Zune team has placed a bin at its headquarters where employees can deposit unwanted iPods.

Analysis: Microsoft patent claims complicated by GPLv3

Microsoft's deal with Novell means the next version of the GNU GPL could raise questions about Microsoft's plan to claim royalties on Linux patents.

Open-source users, companies scoff at Microsoft threats

Open-source software users are scoffing at Microsoft's threats to collect payment for 235 patents it says are in Linux and other open source software.

Analysis: Microsoft patent claims hint at internal issues

Microsoft’s claims of open-source patent infringement could be an attempt to mask company issues, industry observers say.

Microsoft releases first Longhorn public beta

Microsoft is releasing the first public beta of Windows Server "Longhorn," which is feature-complete.

Microsoft changes tune on selling DRM-free songs

Microsoft plans to follow Apple and sell DRM-free songs online from EMI and other labels.

Adobe releases first Apollo code to developers

Adobe will give developers a free preview of its forthcoming runtime code-named Apollo on Monday by releasing an alpha version of the technology on its Adobe Labs site.

One patent claim against Microsoft dismissed

A judge in a San Diego court late Thursday dismissed one of several patent claims Alcatel-Lucent has made against Microsoft in several high-profile cases against the vendor, but that does not mean the software company is out of the woods yet.

Symantec: Vista fairly secure but still full of holes

Symantec said that Microsoft has done a decent job securing Vista, but there are still many holes that could be exploited.

Jury: Microsoft owes Alcatel-Lucent $1.5 billion

Microsoft must pay $1.5 billion in damages to Alcatel-Lucent for patent infringement, a U.S. jury ruled Thursday.