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Ellen Messmer is a senior editor at Network World. She covers news and technology trends related to information security.

More malware apps sneak into Google Market

More malware targeting Google Android devices but pretending to be legit apps managed to sneak into Google Market over the long holiday weekend. Google is taking steps to yank them.

Enterprise wants easier-to-manage Skype from Microsoft

Now that Microsoft has bought Skype, some observers are calling on the software giant to improve the Voice over IP service so that it's easier to manage in an enterprise setting.

IBM: Phishing attacks down dramatically in 2010

The volume of phishing attacks dropped in 2010 to less than a quarter of what was seen in the previous two years, according to IBM's annual research report on threats and risks.

Do wireless providers like Verizon and AT&T crimp mobile security?

As adoption of smartphones and tablets explodes, security will become a bigger issue. Mobile security was the topic of a panel discussion involving both AT&T and Verizon at this week's RSA Conference.

Fake GSM base station trick targets iPhones at security conference demo

A University of Luxembourg student demonstrated how it's possible to trick iPhone users into joining a fake GSM network.

Google Chrome cited tops 'Dirty Dozen' vulnerable apps list

The Google Chrome browser has earned the dubious distinction of being named the most vulnerable application of 2010 so far, based on data available in the National Vulnerability Database.

Study: Cybercrime costs a business $3.8 million a year

A new study of 45 U.S. organizations found that cybercrime -- including Web attacks, malicious code and rogue insiders -- costs each one an average of $3.8 million per year.

'Likejacking' exploit fools Facebook users and friends

Hundreds of thousands of Facebook users were hit over the holiday weekend by a trick that spreads a clickjacking worm once the victim has been fooled into...