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Adobe's DRM vexes e-book owners

Users say Adobe's Digital Experience Protection Technology fails to live up to the company's promise of interoperability between e-readers and e-book stores.

Wired iPad app avoids Flash blockade, ePub

Wired magazine is planning to offer a digital version of its publication that's targeted at tablets like Apple's iPad and relies on software built by Adobe.

Researcher: iPad-style tablets will take over where MIDs failed

Analysis firm ABI thinks that the iPad will help legitimize and drive a new, fast-growing niche of media tablets, succeeding where mobile Internet devices failed.

Adobe bends, a little, on eBook DRM

Adobe plans to liberalize its approach toward Digital Rights Management (DRM) with e-books.

For the enterprise, Google Apps fights uphill battle with Microsoft

Microsoft's incumbent status as a provider of office productivity software gives it a leg up over Google Apps in the enterprise, Computerworld's Eric Lai reports.

Obama administration, new legal research could jack up antitrust heat on Intel

A new antitrust climate in Washington under the Obama administration, and fresh legal scholarship could put Intel's adverse relationship with Nvidia back under the microscope.

Adobe Flash now widely available to Android device vendors

Bsquare says it has ported Adobe's Flash mobile player to ARM-based smartphones and smartbooks running Google's Android operating system.

Q&A: Microsoft's Windows marketing chief says Apple's 'scared'

Computerworld interviews Microsoft's Brad Brooks, the corporate vice president for Windows consumer product marketing who approved the company's "Apple Tax" ads.

Microsoft won't let Windows Marketplace users share apps after all

Users won't be able to share apps they buy from the upcoming Windows Marketplace for Mobile e-store, contrary to earlier reports.

First Android netbook to cost about $250

The first Android-based netbook computer could become available in three months and cost around $250.

Intel to ship Larrabee graphics chip in early 2010

Intel Corp.'s Larrabee graphics processor, which is expected to challenge Nvidia Inc. and ATI Corp. in the high-performance desktop and gaming PC market, will...

Microsoft: Forget ZunePhone, we're aiming for Zune (on) TVs

Rather than building a Zune-branded smartphone, Microsoft plans to take the software and online store it built for its Zune media player and bring them to your television set in the hopes of emulating Apple's phenomenally successful iTunes Store, Computerworld reports.

Adobe preps full Flash player for smartphones

Adobe said on Monday that it will release its first full-fledged Flash multimedia player for smartphones by year's end.

Intel to shut four plants, lay off 6,000

Chip-maker Intel is slashing prices, closing plants, and laying off employees after a bad financial quarter.

Gartner: PC revenues shrank in Q4, but netbooks show gains

Revenue from the sale of PCs during the key Christmas quarter plummeted by 15% to 20% from the same period in 2007, according to Gartner.