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OpenCL technology may speed up 'Snow Leopard'

Apple is poised to take advantage of the OenCL standard with Snow Leopard

New Apple ads avoid Vista, target Microsoft’s ads

Apple released two new TV ads in an apparent response to Microsoft’s latest ad campaign.

Seinfeld ads end as MS to reclaim ‘I’m a PC’ slur from Apple

Microsoft’s ads featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates are ending in favor of a campaign where the company will reportedly reclaim the “I’m a PC” phrase that’s been a staple of Apple’s ad campaign.

Will Apple ever fully liberalize Mac OS X virtualization?

While you can run Windows on Intel-based Apple hardware, Apple has only grudgingly allowed Mac OS X to run on virtual machines.

Best Buy plus Windows Guru equals Apple Store experience?

Computerworld compares Microsoft’s plan to hire 155 Windows Gurus to the Apple Genius experience at Apple Stores.

Microsoft: Forget iPhone, we’re still number two in business

Amid iPhone mania, Microsoft has gone on the offensive to promote its Windows Mobile platform.

Opinion: Gates down to his last month at Microsoft

Bill Gates’ day-to-day involvement at Microsoft comes to an end soon, and it’s time to start considering his impact on the IT history.

Analysis: Flash Lite may give boost to Windows Mobile

After it was publicly scorned by Apple CEO Steve Jobs earlier this month, Adobe Systems' Flash Lite mobile media player on Monday found itself in the warm embrace of a strange bedfellow: Microsoft.

Notes e-mail may come to iPhone

Whether the next generation of the iPhone will eventually support a second enterprise-class e-mail application to Microsoft Exchange—namely Lotus Notes—remains a mystery, according to Computerworld.

Management tools help Mac usage at enterprises

As a senior technical support analyst at Harcourt, Randy Rowles is happy that he gets to manage the educational publisher's 1,000 or so Macintosh systems -- perhaps even a little smug, as Mac afficionados can be, about how the stability and ease of use of the systems makes his job so easy.

Google Apps in 2008: Less may not be more

The elegant minimalism of Google's search engine has yet to pay dividends with its Web-based online productivity suite.

Questions abound on firing of Microsoft's CIO

Microsoft's decision to fire CIO Stuart Scott has led to questions about not only why he was terminated, but why Microsoft has announced it publicly.

Microsoft fires CIO for violating corporate policies

Microsoft has fired its CIO after it was determined that he had violated company policies.

Adobe releases Media Player beta, boosts SaaS

Adobe is releasing a beta version of its Media Player and is making other related announcements.

Gates says goodbye at Microsoft annual meeting

Bill Gates' swan song speech to Microsoft employees gathered at last week's annual meeting was tepidly received, according to bloggers.