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Evite promises mobile upgrades, site overhaul in 2008

Evite plans to launch a trio of mobile phone features later this year that would freshen up the online party-planning site, Computerworld reports.

Can the iPhone handle Exchange e-mail?

The iPhone's apparently lack of ability to work with MS Exchange servers is giving IT managers pause.

Vista taking a nibble out of Apple in OS wars?

A new survey shows that Vista marketshare doubled from February to March, while Mac OS X share fell for the first time in nine months. Is Vista making a dent in Mac OS X's ascent?

April Fools' Day pranksters: Are we having fun yet?

Eric Lai rounds up this year's bunch of April Fools' Day pranks on the Web.

Vista not playing nice with gamers

Hardcore gamers are hopping mad about Microsoft Vista's deficiencies in gaming, from crashing on games made for XP to problems with graphics, to a lack of support for new Vista gaming technologies.

Microsoft raises Vista tech support costs for consumers

Microsoft customers who buy Vista and Office 2007 are now paying more for less support than they got before.

Why pirated Vista has Microsoft champing at BitTorrent

BitTorrent hsa become a popular way for people to steal software, including software not yet available to the general public, such as Microsoft's forthcoming consumer releases of Vista and Office 2007.

Microsoft woos bloggers with free computers, Vista

Microsoft and AMD's decision to give influential bloggers free PCs is making some in the blogosphere raise claims of payola.

Windows development chief 'would buy a Mac'

Windows' own development chief said in an internal company e-mail that he would buy a Mac if he wasn't working for Microsoft.

Microsoft exec praised Mac to 'change Vista process'

Windows development chief James Allchin says in a blog posting that his comments in a three-year-old e-mail about Vista development going astray were "purposefully dramatic" to drive home a point to fellow Microsoft executives Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

Novell backs away from Ballmer comments on Linux

Novell is distancing itself from comments made by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer that Linux infringes on Microsoft patents.

Ballmer: Linux users owe Microsoft

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer claims that Linux infringes on Microsoft's intellectual property.

Massachusetts confirms it will stay on Office for now

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts will continue to use Microsoft Office but plans to support the OpenDocument Format (ODF) as well.

Belgian gov't moves toward OpenDocument format

Belgium has approved the use of the OpenDocument format as a way to exchange government documents -- another blow to the supremacy of Microsoft Office.

Move over Excel, here comes Google Spreadsheets

Google plans to launch an online spreadsheet that may encroach on Microsoft's territory with Excel.