Neo-Flex Stand Delivers

If you use your laptop at a desk regularly, Ergotron's Neo-Flex is one of the more configurable notebook stands on the market.

Inside Leopard: iChat, Mail, and others

OS X updates don't just add new programs; they also update the existing apps with new features and enhancements. Leopard is no exception, adding across-the-board changes to iChat, Mail, and other applications.

Radio Apple

Apple took advantage of the music industry's glacially slow adoption of new technologies to dominate digital music. Could it do the same for radio? Eric Suesz hopes so.

Pipette 1.0r1

Pipette is a simple utility that makes grabbing color hex codes easy.

Pushing no buttons with the iPhone

Eric Suesz can't wait to get his hands on an iPhone. But he's having a devil of a time convincing his more skeptical friends to do likewise.

Phish phighters

In the ongoing battle against phishing, maybe the way to thwart people trying to fraudulently get your sensitive data is to work together as a community.

Psssst -- wanna share some files?

A plug-in and an application, both in beta, promise to re-invent how you share files with friends in the wild Web 2.0 world. Eric Suesz has the details.