Scammers hop on iPad bandwagon

iPad search results may contain poisoned links that lead to rogue antivirus software, as fraudsters unleash a favorite malware-pushing tactic.

Erin Andrews video attacks target Macs and PCs

According to Sophos, some malware disguised as a racy video can affect Macs as well as PCs.

Firefox 3.5 vulnerable to critical Javascript attack

A critical flaw in the way Firefox 3.5 handles Javascript opens the door to a serious attack, according to Secunia, which tracks security vulnerabilities.

Block Google-Yahoo ad deal, advertisers argue

Advertisers came out against the potential ad deal between Google and Yahoo in a letter sent to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Olympic Gold Medalist gives props to Google Earth

Olympic cyclist and Gold Medalist Kristin Armstrong credited Google’s mapping application for helping her find a training route that mirrored the Olympic course.

Google and Yahoo strike deal, Microsoft's out

PC World looks at the aftermath of the Google-Yahoo deal—particularly how it affects one-time Yahoo suitor Microsoft.

PC World: Hackers crack Mac OS X -- big whoop

PC World's Erik Larkin isn't that all surprised by news that two hackers broke into a MacBook Pro via a Safari exploit.

PC World FAQ: iTunes and DRM-free music

Our colleagues at PC World look at EMI's decision to drop DMR from their iTunes Store offerings and answer your frequently asked questions.