WolframAlpha for iPhone

This pricey but well done app delivers the same information you'd get for free from the Wolfram Alpha computational knowledge engine. But it does so in a format that's ideal for the iPhone and iPod touch. And the mobile app has the potential to be even more as the underlying technology of Alpha improves.

ColorMunki 1.1

The ColorMunki product line achieves very good color management at a reasonable price. Both the hardware and software are easy to use and the digitizing features of the Design and Photo software make it an indispensable tool for those who need to match colors to paints, fabrics, and other physical objects.

Papers for iPhone

If you need access to scholarly research on-the-go, then Papers is certainly the go-to application on the iPhone and iPod touch, although this initial release stumbles in a few areas.

Review: Wolfram Mathematica 7

Mathematica 7.0 continues the tradition of the past 20 years—each version sets a new standard for scientific and technical computing innovation.

Review: Maple 12

For this update, Maple has chosen to build on its strengths as a pedagogical tool and to strengthen its ties to the engineering and technical-computing arenas.

Review: Papers 1.8

Papers 1.8 goes beyond the basics of traditional document organizing via a plug-in architecture that supports importing, exporting, and searching references and papers from specific scientific and scholarly databases.

SPSS 16.0

With version 16, SPSS has leveled the playing field across all platforms, and the program’s Java implementation should allow the Macintosh version to keep up in the future, rather than lagging as it has in the past. It is a significant upgrade that will be warmly welcomed by Macintosh data-mavens everywhere.