Caffeinated is a smartly designed Google Reader client for Mac

Caffeinated 1.2.2 is a full-featured RSS client that pairs with Google Reader. It has has seamless integration with several third-party services including Twitter and Facebook, as well as "read later" services like Instapaper.

KEE's Slider may have some great color combinations, but has major design flaws

The KEE Slider has two interchangeable pieces that snap together, but it scratches easily and covers your iPhone’s dock-connector port.

The Incipio Stowaway: Another disappointing wallet iPhone case

The Incipio Stowaway's extra compartment makes a poor wallet, but a great kickstand.

The Cygnett Apollo is a basic hard-shell case with an emphasis on protection

The Apollo is a hard-shell case made from two materials: a scratch-and-fingerprint-resistant hard surface and a grooved, shock-absorbent interior.

The Camalen Hexa is a good-looking leather kickstand case

While the Camalen Hexa is a handsome addition to your iPhone 4/4S, its kickstand design makes it a little awkward to use.

The MonCarbone HoverCoat wraps your iPhone 4/4S in sleek carbon fiber

MonCarbone’s $50 HoverCoat for the iPhone 4/4S is a minimalist, lightweight hard-shell case expertly hand-crafted from carbon fiber.