Laptop ergonomics

Here’s some advice for minimizing all these dangers in the places most of us use our laptops: on desks, as desktop replacements; in the cramped confines of an airplane seat; and pretty much anywhere else, from a hotel bed to your neighborhood coffeehouse.

QuicKeys X3 3.1

At $100, QuicKeys 3.1 is quite expensive for a utility, and creating complex shortcuts still takes diligence that may also require a trial-and-error approach. But you’ll save time and sweat by using QuicKeys to automate repetitive tasks.

QuicKeys X3

If you can afford the high cost and time investment, QuicKeys is an excellent way to reduce the drudgery of repetitive tasks.

VerticalMouse 2

Even though VerticalMouse 2 is more than three times as expensive as some optical mice, it may be a small price to pay for added comfort.

FrogPad Bluetooth iFrog

Your Mac’s keyboard may sport futuristic features like volume controls and backlit keys, but typing remains a two-handed proposition. FrogPad claims that its Bluetooth iFrog, a pint-size device that measures about six by four inches, improves on the QWERTY keyboard by letting you work with only one hand.