Keynote for iPad and iPhone

The mobile version of Apple's presentation app continues to improve on the iPad, but you'll struggle to use it on the iPhone's smaller screen.

Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac 2011

By combining compelling new features with a revamped interface, PowerPoint 2011 makes it easier than before to develop dazzling presentations quickly.

OmniFocus for iPad 1.0.2

If you’re already using OmniFocus productively, the new version is well worth $40 to manage your tasks on your iPad.

Keynote 1.0 for iPad

Keynote for iPad is a good value as a standalone tool. But as a complement to the desktop version, Keynote for iPad is disappointing.

The Elements: A Visual Exploration

Whether you’re a chemistry whiz or you can’t tell antimony from argon, The Elements is worth every penny.

Review: Keynote ’09

Keynote ’09 is an inspired application that gets better with time. If you create presentations for work or play, it’s worth the price of iWork. If you’re already using Keynote, the new version is a worthwhile upgrade.

First Look: Keynote ’09

Keynote ’09, part of the new version of iWork, delivers several exciting new features, while containing a few old shortcomings. Franklin N. Tessler gives you a tour of what to expect from the updated presentation app.

Review: iPhone voice dialers

Many App Store offerings promise to let you make calls by voice command. Do they deliver on that promise? Franklin N. Tessler takes a closer look at eight iPhone voice dialers.

Review: Recorder for iPhone

Recorder lets you make sound recordings on the fly and transfer them by Wi-Fi or e-mail. This bargain app makes recording on your iPhone or second-generation iPod touch a snap.

Review: Eponyms for iPhone

Eponyms provides a searchable catalog of more than 1,600 medical eponyms. It’s an invaluable tool for any iPhone user working in healthcare.

Review: Epocrates Rx for iPhone

After letting Windows Mobile and Palm OS users access therapeutic data on their handheld devices, Epocrates brings its extensive drug database to iPhone users.

PowerPoint 2008 vs. Keynote ‘08

We asked Franklin N. Tessler—our go-to expert on presentation programs—to use PowerPoint 2008 and Keynote ‘08 to create the same project, progressing from the basics (data entry and formatting) to more-advanced features.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2008

Whether you’re using PowerPoint by necessity or choice, the latest version’s new additions are useful, and produce attractive results. Unfortunately, Mac users still miss out on capabilities available to Windows users and the intuitive interface of Keynote.

First Look: PowerPoint 2008

In his initial look at PowerPoint 2008, Franklin N. Tessler discovers an improved interface and richer graphics in Microsoft's presentation application. But a few features are still missing.

Review: Keynote '08

Despite a few rough edges, Keynote ’08 is more impressive than ever. With PowerPoint 2008 slated for release early next year, I’m hoping that the competition will compel Apple to address Keynote’s remaining shortcomings before then.