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InfoWorld executive editor Galen Gruman analyzes the latest issues in mobile technology, the changing role of IT, and the consumerization of IT phenomenon. Galen is author of iPad at Work For Dummies, MacBook Pro Portable Genius, and iBooks Author For Dummies, as well as lead author of Exploring Windows 8 For Dummies.

iPhone 2.2 update doesn't fix key business flaws

The latest iPhone OS update still doesn't address the gaps in what business users need from the iPhone.

Review: InDesign CS4

InDesign CS4 would be welcome on any layout designer’s desktop. But it may not be worth the price of an upgrade in and of itself; the degree of change is not nearly as strong as users saw in the move to InDesign CS3.

First Look: InDesign CS4

The latest version of InDesign offers tools that make it easier to precisely work with document objects via the mouse, a new preflighting engine, and tighter Flash integration, among other enhancements. It’s a nice upgrade, Galen Gruman says in his first look at InDesign CS4—but not an essential one.

Review: QuarkXPress 8

QuarkXPress 8 marks a major change to the user interface of the venerable page-layout and design program for the Mac. At the same time, version 8 offers very little in the way of new features, thus making the interface change its hallmark.

Mac OS X Snow Leopard: Apple's secret business weapon?

InfoWorld says the next version of Mac OS X will be aimed squarely at business and enterprise users, signaling a formal push by Apple to take Windows head on outside the consumer and education markets.

Why ‘no Macs’ is no longer a defensible IT strategy

A number of computing trendsare making it easier for tech departments to say yes to the Mac by facilitating IT’s ability to provide enterprise-grade Mac management and support.

iPhone is already the top mobile browser

It's been on the market for just six months, and already the iPhone (plus its Wi-Fi-only variant, the iPod Touch) is the most used mobile browser for Internet access in the U.S., according to Irish researcher StatCounter. At No. 2 is the Symbian OS used in Nokia's devices. Globally, the two positions are reversed. In either case, Windows Mobile -- in all its versions -- is just a blip.

Making the iPhone work for business

Whatever the impending iPhone SDK accomplishes out of the gate, Infoworld’s Galen Gruman says that most IT organizations can bring the iPhone into their operations easily and with acceptable risk.

Microsoft's Yahoo bid is really about business apps

Microsoft's purchase of Yahoo could help the company execute its software-plus-services strategy for delivering business apps over the Internet faster and better, according to InfoWorld.

Version Cue CS3

Whether you’re in a workgroup or by yourself, Adobe wants you to use Version Cue, its server-based collaboration and version-management tool. Version Cue lets you save and manage versions of documents so you can easily see previous changes, and even revert to an earlier version.

InCopy CS3

If you use InCopy, you’ll want to upgrade to CS3 at the same time that your colleagues in the design department move to InDesign CS3 for the sake of compatibility.

InDesign CS3

Despite a few wrinkles and omissions, InDesign remains the most capable page layout software available. The more I use this new version, the more I appreciate the subtle retooling throughout, not just the obvious new features. InDesign CS3 is an upgrade that you’ll grow to like.

First Look: Creative Suite preview: InDesign CS3

The latest version of Adobe's flagship layout program offers an intriguing mix of a few new features and lots of refinements. Galen Gruman offers a first look at what to expect from InDesign CS3.

Universal QuarkXPress gets a speed boost, but only on Intel Macs

The Universal QuarkXPress 7.01, which shipped in August, eliminates the sluggish performance on the Intel platform, but XPress 7.01 is even slower than version 7.0 on Power Macs.

QuarkXPress 7

Quark has added some good features to XPress 7. But the new territories Quark is staking out will hardly excite the broad design community, and they're difficult to learn.