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First Look: First Look: QuarkXPress 7

For much of the last year, Quark has been releasing tidbits about the forthcoming version 7 of its flagship product, QuarkXPress. Now, Quark has provided a beta version that lets customers see more clearly what QuarkXPress 7 will likely bring to the table.

InCopy CS2

Because print publishing combines a complex set of coordinated tasks often performed by different people, workgroups of editors and designers typically rely on various techniques to indicate information about file status. But such manual methods may not be enough for some projects. That’s why Adobe offers InCopy CS2.

MLayout 2.1

Softmagic’s MLayout 2.1—a sort of QuarkXPress Lite— is a good start, but its developers need to think through what a nonprofessional, non-technical user needs, as well as work the kinks out of the program’s interface. As intriguing as MLayout 2.1 is, it’s not quite ready for mass adoption.

InDesign CS2

Already the clear leader in typographic sophistication, object handling, multilingual publishing, and transparency effects for text and graphics, Adobe has significantly bolstered text- and graphics-handling functions in InDesign CS2.

Portfolio 7

Portfolio 7 is a powerful cataloging and inventory tool, and a great way to organize your digital assets.

Adobe PageMaker Plug-in Pack

PageMaker lives on, sort of, via the new PageMaker Plug-in Pack that adds to InDesign CS eight PageMaker modules, three of which are from version 7.