Portions of BlizzCon stream for free

This weekend's BlizzCon 2010, is sold out, but those who can't make it to the celebration of all things Blizzard can catch portions of the convention for free online.

Violent video games make people more relaxed

Holy irony, Batman! People who play violent games online actually feel relaxed after they have played a round of bloody fun.

Report claims 16.4% of all Xbox 360 consoles will fail

A new report from independent warranty provider SquareTrade has found that the failure rate of an Xbox 360 is not as high as critics would have you believe, but it is still much higher than the official number from Microsoft.

Sony announces budget PS3 games, silver PS3

Sony of Japan on Tuesday announced PS3 greatest hit titles at reduced prices in addition to future availability of a silver PS3.

Microsoft says Wii owners can 'graduate' to Xbox 360

Jeff Bell, VP of global Xbox marketing, implied what many hardcore gamers believe: that Wii's lack of technology and lasting gameplay leaves something to be desired.

Rock Band, Guitar Hero boost digital music sales

The Rock Hero Effect: People buy either Rock Band or Guitar Hero. They get hooked on the addictive and lasting gameplay. They start buying expansion songs in droves at US$2 bucks a pop. Then they flood online music stores to purchase the featured game tracks. In short, video games are the new CD.

Sony denies PS3 price drop rumors of $299

Despite online reports suggesting others, SCEA says a US$299 PS3 is nothing more than wishful thinking.

MTV and Jerry Bruckheimer to form new game studio

MTV Games has teamed up with movie and TV producer Jerry Bruckheimer to create video games.

Microsoft bundles two free games for Xbox 360

Microsoft will be bundling the Xbox 360 with two games this holiday season -- Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Zapper, Link's Crossbow coming to Wii Nov. 19

Nintendo will release its new Wii Zapper controller bundled with a Zelda-related game on November 19th, for $19.95.

Analysts: 80GB PS3 dropping to $499 by year end

Analysts believe that Sony will have to drop the price of its 80GB PlayStation 3 game console in order to remain competitive.

Sony confirms internal depletion of 60GB PS3 supply

Sony has confirmed that its own supply of 60GB PlayStation 3s is at an end -- the only ones left remain in retail inventory.

PlayStation 2 still dominating PS3, Xbox 360

The PlayStation 2 continues to rack up impressive sales regardless of the presence of new-generation game consoles including its own replacement, the PS3.

Development issues delaying PS3 games?

An industry analyst claims that PS3 development is lagging because of performance and optimization issues compared to the Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 cleans house in Game Critics Awards

The Xbox 360 took top honors in this year's Game Critics Awards, following the E3 Media and Business Summit in Santa Monica, Calif.