First Look: Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 restores professional features; adds notable new ones

Industry veteran Gary Adcock outlines how the new version of Final Cut Pro X moves the app back into the professional realm.

Review: Compressor 4

While seemingly unchanged on the outside, the core of Apple's newest release of Compressor 4 reveals a robust workflow that's completely integrated within Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro X takes a radical new approach

With Final Cut Pro X, Apple has once again set out to completely re-invent the video industry. This is a truly groundbreaking release, says reviewer Gary Adcock. Here's the lowdown.

First Look: Final Cut Pro X

With the release of the hotly anticipated Final Cut Pro X video editing app, Apple has broken new ground in interface and infrastructure, redefining the whole concept of what it means to be a working professional video editor. Gary Adcock takes us through the major features of Apple's brand new non-linear video editor.

Final Cut Pro X stays in the picture for pros

Apple unveiled Final Cut Pro X on Tuesday night, and video editor Gary Adcock was in the crowd, hanging on every word.

Farewell, Shake

The video world has been buzzing about the unheralded demise of Apple's Shake. Here's a remembrance from someone who was on the Shake Train from the very beginning.

Review: Avid Media Composer 3.0

Avid Media Composer 3.0.5 is a must-have if you or anyone in your facility work with the emerging HD formats popularized by card-based camera systems.

Compressor 3.0.1

Compressor 3.0.1 is a welcome upgrade from the previous version, and it delivers the fastest render times on multiprocessor Intel Macs. Apple has added a stylish new interface and simple render-management tools that augment the program’s processing power.

Color 1.0.1

Color is a solid, best-in-class addition to the Final Cut Studio 2 suite, offering one of the most powerful color-correction tools available in video production. It lets you control your vision from start to finish.