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RIM launches new BlackBerrys, voice-over-Wi-Fi service

At RIM's annual Wireless Enterprise Symposium, the company revealed two new BlackBerry smartphones, the BlackBerry Pearl 3G and the BlackBerry Bold 9650.

HTC Droid Incredible lands on Verizon April 29

The HTC Droid Incredible will officially come to Verizon on April 29 for $200 with a two-year contract.

Microsoft unveils 'social' Kin phones

Rumors of a line of Microsoft-branded social networking phones have been floating around the blogosphere for months, but now they're finally officially.

First Look: Motorola i1 Push-to-Talk Android phone

On the eve of CTIA telecom conference in Las Vegas, Motorola launched the i1, the first push-to-talk Android phone on the market.

First Look: Samsung Galaxy S Android phone

At CTIA Tuesday, Samsung introduced its most powerful Android phone to date, the Galaxy S.

Motorola Cliq XT

The Motorola Cliq XT has superb multimedia and social networking features, but its performance isn't the strongest.

Motorola Devour

There's a lot to like about the Devour smartphone, especially its social networking features, intuitive user interface, and sturdy design, but it also has some shortcomings.

Score deals with your mobile phone

You can use your iPhone as a barcode scanner or to find in-store coupons. Ginny Mies of PC World runs down some of the money-saving options available to smartphone-toting shoppers.

Palm Pixi Plus

The "Plus" in the Palm Pixi Plus really means one thing: the addition of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Palm Pre Plus

The Palm Pre Plus is really more of an update of the original Pre on Sprint than a completely new smartphone.

Nokia Mini N97

As the name suggests, the Nokia Mini N97is a more compact version of Nokia's flagship smartphone, the N97.

Google Nexus One

The coveted "Google phone" is finally here, but the HTC Nexus One may not be quite the superphone that Google intimated it would be.

Samsung launches Galaxy Spica Android phone

Samsung is adding another Android phone to its lineup, announcing the Galaxy Spica here at CES.

First look: Motorola Backflip with Motoblur

At the AT&T Developer Summit, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha hinted at a new Android-based Motorola smartphone with "a unique form factor" will be coming.

Palm Pre Plus, Pixi Plus coming to Verizon

Verizon Wireless will start selling improved versions of Palm's Pre and Pixi handsets later this month.