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First Look: Microsoft Zune HD

PC World's Ginny Mies takes a first look at the Zune HD, which began shipping Tuesday.

iPods still reign supreme, but competition closes in

The iPod has been synonymous with MP3 players since the very first generation launched. While Apple continues to improve the iPod, the competition is getting stronger, PC World's Ginny Mies reports.

T-Mobile launches myTouch 3G; no plans for HTC Hero

T-Mobile launched another Android-based smartphone, the myTouch 3G, with people ordering online now guaranteed delivery by August 5.

Apple cracks down on gift card fraud

It all seems innocent enough: Someone received an iTunes gift card for their birthday, but they don't have an iPod, so they're selling it on eBay. And to...

AT&T tight-lipped on MMS, tethering

MMS and tethering may be part of the iPhone 3.0 update, but AT&T won't be ready to support them when the software ships next week.

Judging the Palm Pre

PC World's Ginny Mies takes on the Palm Pre.

BlackBerry App World open for business

The long-awaited BlackBerry App World opened its doors Wednesday, kicking off CTIA 2009 in Las Vegas.

Hands on with the Kindle 2

This video features a hands-on demonstration with Amazon’s new e-book reader, the Kindle 2.

Palm’s Pre and other CES mobile phones

Ginny Mies takes a look at the Palm Pre smart phone from the floor of CES. She also looks at a couple of other interesting mobile phones, including a Dick Tracy-esque wristphone from LG, and Motorola’s entry into the touchscreen smart phone arena.