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Glenn Fleishman is the owner and editor of The Magazine, a fortnightly periodical of stories for curious people with a technical bent. He is a regular contributor to the Economist and a senior contributor to Macworld.

What Mac users need to know about Wi-Fi Direct

It’s that time of year when travelers brace themselves to suffer the many small indignities of the road. Next year, a new networking standard, Wi-Fi Direct, will make it easier. Here's how.

Six ways to get online from anywhere

Can't find a hotspot? Don't worry: There are other ways to get online when you're on the road. Glenn Fleishman explains what they are and how to set them up.

Four ways to access files from afar

If you work in lots of locations, you may find yourself wishing you could access your files from everywhere. Here are four ways to do just that.

What's your wireless signal strength?

When you're having trouble with your wireless connection, it can be frustrating to figure out the strength of the signal from your client to the base station. Glenn Fleishman shows three ways to get the information you need.

Blowing past Comcast's bandwidth cap

Glenn Fleishman took a bunch of online backup services for a spin, and inadvertently destroyed his Comcast terms of service. Oops.

Online backup services

Glenn Fleishman looks at seven Web services that let you back up your files over the Internet.

Wake on Demand lets Snow Leopard sleep with one eye open

A new networking feature in OS X 10.6 lets you remotely wake up a slumbering Mac over Wi-Fi or Ethernet so you can access files and media stored there. But the feature won't work with every setup. Here's what you need to know.

Is your network fast enough?

Everyone wants a faster network. But you can't speed it up until you know how fast it's going now. Glenn Fleishman shows you three ways to do that.

Cut your phone bill

Tired of paying through the nose for your phone? Glenn Fleishman outlines two ways you can save money on calls.

iPhone 3GS limited to 384 Kbps upstream

Glenn Fleishman follows up on last month's report about High Speed Packet Access and the iPhone 3GS, with word that the new phone is more limited in upstream data speeds than he first realized.

iPhone 3.0 excels at Wi-Fi hotspots

New features in iPhone OS 3.0 make it much easier to log in to Wi-Fi hot spots, especially AT&T's. But, Glenn Fleishman says, the feature is not without its drawbacks.

Switch network settings with ease

OS X's built-in Location feature lets you quickly change network settings based on where you are. Glenn Fleishman shows you how to get the most out of this feature, and how to tweak it with third-party tools.

iPhone 3G S features 7.2 Mbps, AT&T's network doesn't

The iPhone 3G S supports 7.2 HSPA, the fastest mobile broadband flavor currently available for 3G networks in the U.S. What will this mean for iPhone users? Glenn Fleishman takes a closer look.

Troubleshoot your Internet connection

Is your Net connection feeling poky? Are downloads taking forever? The problem could lie anywhere along the line from your Mac to your ISP. Glenn Fleishman explains how to get things back up to speed.

Check your Wi-Fi speeds

Glenn Fleishman shows you how to use AirPort Utility to find out at what speed has connected to an Apple base station.