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Glenn Fleishman is the author of dozens of books, including his newly released A Practical Guide to Networking, Privacy, and Security in iOS 10, a book that has information and step-by-step advice on connecting to and managing networks, and securing your data and your privacy. He's a senior contributor to Macworld, where he writes the Private I and Mac 911 columns and hosts the Macworld podcast, and contributes regularly to many periodicals.


New iOS exploit works only on managed devices

Researchers find they can insert a rogue profile in an enterprise-configured iOS device, but it requires phishing to work.

thinkstockphotos 522034317 milky way

Podcast 501A*: If you got ’em, quantum

Trapped in a time beyond calculation, in a space beyond measure, our intrepid host hears voices.

apple keyboard diacritical remarks

How to active or restore missing press-and-hold diacritical marks in OS X

A reader has a grave complaint about an acute problem adding accents.

apple mail 9 mac icon

When Gmail messages in OS X’s Mail show the wrong sender

A reader has a mismatch between the body of a message and the ostensible sender.

ios erase data feature iphone fbi

Podcast 501: The FBI says never mind

What. Just. Happened. Security expert Jonathan Zdziarski helps us process this strange turn of events in the Apple-FBI case.

ios 9 settings icon

How to adjust left/right audio balance in iOS

A reader would like to compensate for hearing loss by rebalancing sound on his iOS device.

hard drive stock

How to set up a redundant backup system

Time Machine, cloning, or the tiger?

kanex apple tv adapter 01

Kanex Digital Audio Adapter for Apple TV review: Comes to the rescue of Apple TV owners

This adapter passes through video over HDMI from an Apple TV while splitting out audio in both stereo and surround-sound formats.

redfin ios primary

Redfin balances location awareness and privacy with iBeacon deployment

A firm that offers for-sale-by-owner and brokerage services enhances its iPad app with an app connection.

vanderlyn burr cropped

Burr's cipher, sir: The 1807 treason case that featured in the Apple/FBI conflict

The damned fool who shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel also, some historians believe, wanted to set himself up as the Emperor of Mexico. Coded dispatches led to his downfall, but not conviction.

night shift stock

iOS 9.3: The new Night Shift feature probably won’t help you sleep better

Apple’s new automatic color-temperature adjustment will still keep your mind racing before bed. A lock-out feature might be more useful.

wi fi thinkstock

Why your base station and OS X might report different Wi-Fi rates

A reader was concerned about network configuration due to different numbers and settings appearing depending on where he looked.

apple iphone se colors

Podcast 500: SE Stands for Super Exciting

Five hundred episodes young, we celebrate with special guests Cyrus Farivar, Jason Snell, and the Macalope.

ios9 podcasts app icon

Scrub a dub dub, where's the Podcast app's playback control hub?

It's not gone, it's just hidden.

satechi usb c hub 01

Satechi USB-C Pass Through Hub review: Tiny, powerful extension for on-the-go

A tiny dock affordably opens up a MacBook's potential with ports.