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Glenn Fleishman is the author of A Practical Guide to Networking and Security in iOS 8, and a senior contributor to Macworld, where he writes the Private I and Mac 911 columns. He is also a regular contributor to the Economist, Fast Company, and Boing Boing.

Airfoil Speakers Touch for iPhone

With this app installed on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, you can stream audio from any computer running Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil application.

Parcel for iPhone and iPad

If you make a lot of shipments, this simply designed package tracker -- which includes support for 28 delivery services -- delivers the goods.

ooTunes Radio for iPhone

Its interface can be overcomplicated at times, but persevere with this app and you can find nearly every kind of access to regularly available streaming audio from your iPhone or iPod touch.

Apps with Maps: 11 iPhone GPS apps compared

Glenn Fleishman reviews a half-dozen iOS GPS apps. Which app reigns supreme? You'll be surprised.

Verizon iPhone won't make AT&T model an endangered species

Analysts are predicting mass defections from AT&T now that Verizon will offer an iPhone. But Glenn Fleishman thinks those estimates miss the mark.

Mac of the future: the connections

How will we connect peripherals to our Macs, and our Macs to the Net, two years from now? Glenn Fleishman looks at USB, FireWire, WiFi, and beyond.

Setting up iPhone tethering

The iPhone can access high-speed mobile data and voice networks. So why not use your smartphone's data connection with your laptop instead of having to buy a separate 3G modem or cellular router for the computer and pay a separate monthly service fee? In this excerpt from Take Control of iPhone and iPod Touch Networking, Glenn Fleishman walks you through the finer points of iPhone tethering.

Master your RSS feeds

Overwhelmed by information? Using Yahoo’s Pipes you can create your own custom RSS feeds that filter information from other RSS feeds, Web sites, and more. Glenn Fleishman shows you how.

Clearwire iSpot

This tiny, battery-powered cellular router is a great way to connect iOS devices to Clearwire's 4G network, but it doesn't work with Macs or anywhere that Clearwire doesn't yet cover.

Interview: Author Susan Orlean on her life with the iPad

Glenn Fleishman interviews New Yorker author Susan Orlean on her love of the iPad.

VNC: the universal remote control

Using VNC software, you can connect from almost any kind of computer to almost any kind of computer. The only hitch: You have to know what you're doing, or be able to figure it out.

Timbuktu Pro: remote control heavyweight

If Back to My Mac, iChat, or LogMeIn are too limited for you, this venerable remote-access app might be your best choice for connecting with Macs from a distance.

Remotely control a Mac via the Web

LogMeIn and GoToMyPC let you connect to a distant Mac through your browser. Which one might be right for you? Here's how they compare.

Use chat services for remote access

If Back to My Mac doesn't work for you, you have another simple alternative for remotely accessing a Mac: using a chat service like iChat or Skype to share screens.

Five ways to access a remote Mac

There are plenty of ways to access one Mac from another. Each has its own pros and cons. Glenn Fleishman explains the options and helps you figure out which one is right for you.