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Glenn Fleishman is the author of A Practical Guide to Networking and Security in iOS 8, and a senior contributor to Macworld, where he writes the Private I and Mac 911 columns. He is also a regular contributor to the Economist, Fast Company, and Boing Boing.

Online storage for businesses

Dropbox has made online storage commonplace; many of us now keep copies of our files up there in the cloud. But what happens when you want to share files among multiple users--co-workers, say, or clients? There are online storage services that'll help, but they vary widely in how well they do it.

Microsoft Live Mesh

This online storage service works fine for informal use, but its relative paucity of storage and inability to retain earlier versions of files makes it less attractive for groups.

WordPress for iPhone and iPad

This blogging app is most useful when you need to post something without a computer handy, and want to take advantage of mobile features. If you have a full browser, though, the app is no replacement.

Connect an Android phone to Mac OS X's Internet Sharing

Glenn Fleishman does a little detective work to figure out why an Android smartphone can't connect to the software base station on a MacBook Pro.


Online storage service syncs Google Docs with computers, the cloud.

Off Remote for iPhone and iPad

This universal offering acts as a great remote control if you run computers scattered about a home or office.

myAT&T for iPhone

Regardless of how you feel about being an AT&T customer, you should find the carrier's app for managing your wireless account quite useful.

Using the Personal Hotspot on your AT&T iPhone

Curious as to how the new Personal Hotspot feature in iOS 4.3 works on an iPhone that runs on AT&T's network? Glenn Fleishman has all the details on getting started, staying secure, and managing your Personal Hotspot.

GadgetTrak for iPhone and iPad

This app for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad can help you recover an errant piece of mobile hardware. GadgetTrak adds to your peace of mind at a relatively low cost.

VLC Remote for iPhone

If you're a dedicated user of the VLC media player, this app is an ideal control for playing content stored on a computer onto a monitor or TV set.

Doodle God for iPhone

There's not a lot of replay value in this god game for the iPhone and iPod touch, but the engaging gameplay is fun while it lasts.

Trism for iPhone and iPad

Now that it's optimized for the iPad as well as the iPhone and iPod touch, this puzzle game remains a fun addition to your iOS device.

MathBoard for iPad

This app for drilling students on math is charming without losing track of its fundamental purpose.

TeamViewer for iPhone and iPad

If you need remote access to a desktop from your iOS device, TeamViewer's apps are excellent options. And they're free, provided you're not using them for commercial purposes.

Using the Personal Hotspot on your Verizon iPhone

The Personal Hotspot feature turns a Verizon Wireless-flavored iPhone into a portable Wi-Fi router with an Internet connection provided by the mobile broadband network to which it's connected. Glenn Fleishman walks you through the ins and outs of this new iPhone feature.