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Glenn Fleishman is the author of dozens of books, including his newly released A Practical Guide to Networking, Privacy, and Security in iOS 10, a book that has information and step-by-step advice on connecting to and managing networks, and securing your data and your privacy. He's a senior contributor to Macworld, where he writes the Private I and Mac 911 columns and hosts the Macworld podcast, and contributes regularly to many periodicals.

iPhone 5c

Podcast 496: Apple vs. the FBI

Glenn and Susie are joined by Rich Mogull, and everyone is angry. Enjoy!

How to boost your Wi-Fi signal without any tricks

The higher-frequency flavor of Wi-Fi used by 802.11n and 802.11ac can have higher power output and further range by picking the right channel.

anker 20100

Anker PowerCore+ 20100 review: A top-performing USB-C battery pack

If you need a high-capacity battery that can fully charge a 12-inch MacBook, this is your best bet.

talentcell 10400

Talentcell 10400mAh 38Wh Portable Charger review: USB-C battery pack is a good value

It takes a while to charge a MacBook to 80 percent capacity, but it's a good battery pack for the price.


RAVPower 20100mAh External Battery Pack review: Charger sports a versatile set of ports

Back pack supports Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 standard.

monoprice 14202

Monoprice Select Series Portable Cell Phone Charger review: USB-C battery pack falls short

Monoprice's USB-C battery pack can charge a MacBook to 70 percent capacity in two hours.

icloud photo library hardware

How to delete photos after they sync

A reader can't find a way to remove images if she doesn't delete before sync.

skeleton key key old antique 000004300337

Skeleton keys open doors for all governments, not just ours

You can't keep "bad guys" from using a key handed over to "good guys."

thinkstockphotos bugs ingram publishing

Podcast 495: Bugs, more bugs, and the epoch fail

Don't set your iPhone to before 1970, don't update Creative Cloud, and don't expect Apple executives to openly admit iTunes is awful.

indesign cs6 icon

InDesign low memory and old software on new platforms

A reader has an error with InDesign that appears to come from using it with a new OS.

mailshot ios icon

How to create email groups in iOS

A reader can't seem to use his OS X Mail groups in iOS.

channels tvos icon

Channels review: Pair it with a HDHomeRun for TV broadcasts on your Apple TV

The Channels app lets you view over-the-air broadcasts and some cable programming on an Apple TV with the right third-party hardware.

twitter icon logo

How to fix the Twitter problem

When Twitter redirects don't work.

ifixit iphone 6s

Error 53 has the best and worst intentions

A error that indicates your iPhone has been bricked is a good thing done wrong.

safari icon osx

Is there a way to sort Safari bookmarks?

A reader had her bookmarks switch to alphabetical order.