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Glenn Fleishman is the author of dozens of books, including his newly released A Practical Guide to Networking, Privacy, and Security in iOS 10, a book that has information and step-by-step advice on connecting to and managing networks, and securing your data and your privacy. He's a senior contributor to Macworld, where he writes the Private I and Mac 911 columns and hosts the Macworld podcast, and contributes regularly to many periodicals.

redfin ios primary

Redfin balances location awareness and privacy with iBeacon deployment

A firm that offers for-sale-by-owner and brokerage services enhances its iPad app with an app connection.

vanderlyn burr cropped

Burr's cipher, sir: The 1807 treason case that featured in the Apple/FBI conflict

The damned fool who shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel also, some historians believe, wanted to set himself up as the Emperor of Mexico. Coded dispatches led to his downfall, but not conviction.

night shift stock

iOS 9.3: The new Night Shift feature probably won’t help you sleep better

Apple’s new automatic color-temperature adjustment will still keep your mind racing before bed. A lock-out feature might be more useful.

wi fi thinkstock

Why your base station and OS X might report different Wi-Fi rates

A reader was concerned about network configuration due to different numbers and settings appearing depending on where he looked.

apple iphone se colors

Podcast 500: SE Stands for Super Exciting

Five hundred episodes young, we celebrate with special guests Cyrus Farivar, Jason Snell, and the Macalope.

ios9 podcasts app icon

Scrub a dub dub, where's the Podcast app's playback control hub?

It's not gone, it's just hidden.

satechi usb c hub 01

Satechi USB-C Pass Through Hub review: Tiny, powerful extension for on-the-go

A tiny dock affordably opens up a MacBook's potential with ports.

messages icon

Everything you need to know about the iMessage security flaw patched by iOS 9.3

Security researchers discovered a number of weaknesses in iMessage's encryption system. Apple's patches are already slated to appear.

overcast gallery

Overcast 2.5 review: Patron-backed podcast app gets more efficient and adds exclusive features

The original Overcast locked its best features away. It added streaming and Handoff in 2.0, and adds patron features and better battery efficiency for all in 2.5.

email thinkstock

How to pick which email address is used as the reply in iOS

iOS lets you set a default email address, but you can select one per message as well.

owc usb c dock 01

OWC USB-C Dock review: Opens up a MacBook’s possibilities

While one port isn’t much, the first desktop-style dock takes full advantage.

photos icon

How to separate iPhone pictures in Photos for OS X

A reader wants to be able to keep lower-resolution iPhone images separate from her other photos.

How to fix HDCP errors with external monitors in OS X

A reader can't play movies from the Vudu service on an external monitor, but it's not Apple's problem.

iphone amazone cloud drive

The problem with Optimize iPhone Storage and other cloud services

A reader wonders what resolution files upload to Amazon Cloud Drive with optimization turned on with her iPhone.

trojan horse

You can trust and verify most OS X software downloads

A Trojan horse highlights certain challenges to verification that are coming from inside the house.