Grant GrossWashington Correspondent, IDG News Service

Grant Gross covers technology and telecom policy in the U.S. government for the IDG News Service, and is based in Washington, D.C.

What's next for the FCC and net neutrality?

The FCC likely faces a lawsuit and congressional action opposing its recent net neutrality vote.

FCC approves compromise net neutrality rules

On Tuesday, the FCC voted to implement compromise net neutrality rules.

FCC's Genachowski pushes for vote on net neutrality

The FCC's chairman outlines a proposal on net neutrality and pushes for a vote Dec. 21.

FCC proposes mobile 'bill shock' rules

The U.S. FCC proposes rules that would require mobile carriers to warn customers when they're about to incur new charges.

Senator, FCC look to end mobile phone 'bill shock'

The FCC and a U.S. senator offered proposals to end so-called mobile phone bill shock.

Motorola files patent lawsuits against Apple

Motorola files two patent lawsuits and a trade complaint against Apple.

Leaked bill aims to create net neutrality law

A leaked legislative proposal would create a net neutrality law while limiting the FCC's ability to create its own rules.

FCC opens up 'white spaces' spectrum to mobile devices

The FCC has voted to open up unused spectrum in the television band to unlicensed wireless broadband devices.

Mobile marketer sues T-Mobile for blocking texts

Mobile marketer EZ Texting has filed a lawsuit against T-Mobile USA, after it began blocking its subscribers from exchanging texts with EZ Texting customers.

FCC asks for more feedback on net neutrality

The FCC will ask for a new round of comments on net neutrality, with the questions focused on managed services and mobile broadband.

Page-load survey informs net neutrality debate

Internet users have growing expectations for Website performance, with implications for a debate over net neutrality rules, authors of a survey say.

HP agrees to pay $55 million to settle gov't fraud charges

HP agreed to pay $55 million to resolve charges that it engaged in a contracting kickback scheme involving the U.S. government.

FTC settles complaint about fake App Store reviews

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has settled a complaint it made against a public relations firm accused of using employees to pose as ordinary customers to post reviews of video games on Apple's iTunes store.

Auditor: FCC should collect more data about mobile industry

The GAO recommends that the FCC collect more data about special access rates in the telecom industry and mobile early termination fees.

Apple manager arrested over $1 million in kickbacks

An Apple manager with responsibilities for the company's contract manufacturing in Asia was arrested Friday and charged with accepting kickbacks.