CorelCAD 1.0 offers a full-featured 2D and 3D drafting program

CorelCAD feels more refined, complete, and stable than what you would expect for a new application.

AutoCAD 2011

This welcome back to the Mac version of AutoCAD is an impressive effort. Now bring it up to par with the Windows version.

Home & Landscape Design Studio for Mac 14.1

Punch! Software’s Home & Landscape Design Studio for Mac 14.1—at about $150—is an excellent value for what it does well: Create quick and impressive 3-D views of your dream home or landscape design that showcase your vision for your property.

Vectorworks 2009

Vectorworks 2009 is a world-class CAD program at a price that, while expensive, still provides a great value, especially when compared to alternatives.

VectorWorks 2008

If you just want a basic CAD program for drafting, VectorWorks 2008 Fundamentals can handle that with ease. But there are less expensive alternatives for basic drafting.

Live Interior 3D 1.2

Live Interior 3D 1.2 limits you to very basic room shapes and designs. If all you need to do is rearrange furniture—and if you are OK using furniture you can find in the library or online—you’ll be satisfied.

Home Design Studio 11.0

If you want to landscape your yard, remodel your kitchen, design a new home, or just want to have some fun by playing architect, Home Design Studio 1.0 is great software at a reasonable price.

Photoshop CS3 Extended

This welcome addition to the CS3 family is easy to learn and use, and its many capabilities have great potential for use in these professions. Its seamless integration with the main product makes it a natural addition to any technical expert’s toolkit.

TurboCAD 3D Macintosh

With all the features and tools of its 2-D cousin TurboCAD 2D, this application adds an extensive set of 3-D tools and commands. Architects, however, may want to consider other CAD programs with a more specific architectural focus.

TurboCAD 2D Macintosh

This easy-to-use 2-D CAD program is a terrific value for professionals looking for a full-featured drafting app or for homeowners and students just looking to create CAD drawings.

Canvas X

As a program particularly well-suited to technical drawings, Canvas X is truly desert island software—if you can have only one application, Canvas X can handle every graphical task.

MacDraft PE 5.5

If you don’t need advanced features, you’ll find that MacDraft PE is both extremely capable and incredibly easy to use.