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Researcher: Attackers exploit latest Flash bug on large scale

Hackers are aggressively exploiting a just-patched Flash vulnerability "on a fairly large scale," according to a Shadowserver Foundation researcher.

Mozilla to add built-in PDF viewer to Firefox

Mozilla is working on a project that will add PDF rendering to Firefox using HTML5 and JavaScript, eliminating the need for users to run Adobe's own plug-in.

Adobe patches second Flash zero-day in 9 days

For the second time in nine days, Adobe patched a critical vulnerability in Flash Player that hackers were already exploiting.

Google pulls more malware from Android Market

Google removed more malware-infected applications from its Android Market last week, according to a security researcher.

Mozilla gets tough on Firefox memory leaks

Mozilla will try to plug more memory leaks in Firefox with a new, aggressive approach that relies on weekly bug triage meetings.

Analyst frets download-only distribution for Lion will hurt retailers

Apple's decision to sell the Mac OS X Lion upgrade through its own Mac App Store won't hurt the company's bottom line but will certainly impact traditional retailers, NPD Group says.

Apple slams Amazon's Android e-store as 'inferior'

In court documents, Apple called Amazon's Appstore for Android "inferior" as it urged a federal court to block the online retailer from using the term "appstore."

Hackers exploit Flash bug in new attacks against Gmail users

Adobe confirmed that the Flash Player bug it patched Sunday is being used to steal login credentials of Google's Gmail users.

Apple takes control of domain

Apple took administrative control of the domain less than a week before CEO Steve Jobs is to unveil his company's new cloud-based service.

Google shuts off Chrome access to offline Gmail

Google has dropped offline Gmail support in several operating systems until this summer, when HTML5 upgrade is released.

Mozilla delivers Firefox 5 beta on schedule

Mozilla has shipped the beta of the Firefox 5 browser as it moves to a more frequent release schedule.

Microsoft links fake Mac AV to Windows scareware gang

Microsoft said this week that it has evidence of a link between the fake security software now plaguing Mac users and a hard-charging family of similar software on Windows.

Security researcher: Mac App Store too slow to update

Apple's Mac App Store puts users at risk because it's slow to update vulnerable software, a security researcher said Wednesday.

Google moves fast to plug Android Wi-Fi data leaks

Google Wednesday confirmed that it's starting to roll out a server-side patch for a security vulnerability in most Android phones that could let hackers snatch important credentials at public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Mozilla details plans to kill Firefox 3.5

Mozilla plans to push 12 million users of the aged Firefox 3.5 to a newer version next month by taking the unprecedented step of automatically upgrading their browser.