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Mozilla details plans to kill Firefox 3.5

Mozilla plans to push 12 million users of the aged Firefox 3.5 to a newer version next month by taking the unprecedented step of automatically upgrading their browser.

Researcher: Microsoft leaves Mac Office users in the lurch

Microsoft is telling Mac Office users it doesn't yet have a fix for a PowerPoint bug that it patched for Windows customers.

Ballmer: We won't drop Skype support for Mac, iOS

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer today promised that the company would continue to develop and support Skype on rival platforms.

Skype patches 'wormable' Mac bug

On Monday, Skype began serving up an update to Mac users of its chat and Internet phone software, fixing a dangerous bug that a researcher said could be used to build a worm

Mozilla patches Firefox 4, fixes programming bungle

Mozilla has patched Firefox 4 for the first time, fixing eight flaws, including a major programming oversight that left the browser vulnerable to attack on some Windows systems.

Apple, Google will testify to Senate on location tracking

Two senators said that representatives from both Apple and Google will testify at a Congressional hearing next month on consumer privacy and smartphones.

Crisis management expert pans Apple's handling of iOS location issue

Apple's explanation about how and why iPhones track users' locations was too late, too little, a crisis communications expert tells Computerworld.

Firefox 4 tops 100 million downloads, fails to move share

In the month since Firefox 4's launch, the browser has racked up 100 million downloads, Mozilla says. But a Web analytics company says the new browser has done nothing to boost Mozilla's overall share of the browser market.

FTC calls out Google's Chrome over Do Not Track

FTC Chairman Jon Liebowitz singled out Google for not adopting "Do Not Track," the privacy feature that lets consumers opt out of online tracking by Websites and advertisers.

Adobe patches latest Flash zero-day

Adobe has patched a critical vulnerability in Flash Player that the company said criminals were already exploiting with malicious Microsoft Word and Excel documents.

Mozilla kicks off Firefox 5, faster release schedule

Mozilla this week jumped into its new faster-tempo development program for Firefox 5.

Google denies lying about Apps' certification

Google denied an allegation by rival Microsoft that it lied about an important government certification for Google Apps for Government.

Gartner: Apple will dominate tablet market through 2015

According to a forecast from market researcher Gartner, Apple's iOS will dominate the tablet market through the middle of the decade.

Tax prep maker warns customers of Epsilon e-mail hack impact

Intuit has warned users of its tax preparation software to be aware of identity theft scams in the wake of a major breach at marketing firm Epsilon.

Experts: Expect targeted attacks after massive Epsilon e-mail breach

Security experts warned users to watch for targeted e-mail attacks after a breach at a major marketing firm that may have put millions of addresses in the hands of hackers and scammers.