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Japanese disaster could affect Apple flash memory supply

Last week's earthquake and tsunami in Japan may put a crimp in Apple's supply of flash memory, but its problem will pale in comparison to smaller firms, analysts say.

Criminals kick off Japanese disaster scams at record speed

Criminals have jumped on Japan's twin earthquake and tsunami disasters at record speed, security experts said today.

Google patches Pwn2Own WebKit bug in Chrome

Google has patched a WebKit flaw in its Chrome browser that was exploited by a multinational team to hack the BlackBerry Torch smartphone at Pwn2Own.

iPhone, BlackBerry tumble to Pwn2Own hackers

Apple's iPhone 4 and RIM's BlackBerry Torch 9800 both succumbed to hackers at Pwn2Own, but two other smartphones running Android and Windows Phone 7 were unchallenged.

Survey: Apple's iPad fends off all comers

Apple's rivals have lost headway in convincing American consumers to pick their tablets over the iPad, market researcher ChangeWave Research says.

Google's Chrome untouched at Pwn2Own hack match

Google's $20,000 prize went untouched Wednesday as no team of hackers at Pwn2Own tried to exploit the Chrome browser.

Safari, Internet Explorer hacked first at Pwn2Own

Apple's Safari and Microsoft's Internet Explorer both fell to the first hackers who tried their luck on the browsers at Wednesday's opening day of Pwn2Own.

Researchers: Apple to patch Safari before Pwn2Own

Apple will patch its Safari browser before the Pwn2Own hacking contest kicks off next week, security researchers hinted Thursday.

Mozilla follows Google, patches Firefox as prep for Pwn2Own

Mozilla on Tuesday fixed 11 security flaws in Firefox, following in rival Google's footsteps in patching its browser before a hacking contest kicks off next week.

Google patches 19 Chrome bugs week before Pwn2Own hacking contest

Google has patched 19 vulnerabilities in Chrome, paying nine researchers $14,000 in bug bounties for reporting the flaws.

Apple invites bug researchers to scrutinize Lion OS

Apple is offering security experts a copy of the developer preview of Mac OS X Lion and asking them for feedback.

Mozilla delays final Firefox beta

A delay in shipping the latest beta of Firefox 4 makes it unlikely that Mozilla will ship a finished browser by the end of February.

Bulk of browsers found to be at risk of attack

About eight out of every 10 Web browsers run by consumers are vulnerable to attack by exploits of already-patched bugs, according to security risk and compliance management provider Qualys.

Antitrust fight against Apple's App Store rules faces 'steep' climb

Apple faces little risk of antitrust threats to the new App Store rules that require content sellers to hand over 30 percent of their revenues, a legal expert tells Computerworld.

Judge tosses iPad overheating lawsuit

A federal judge has tossed a class-action lawsuit that claimed Apple's iPad overheats when used outdoors in warm weather or in direct sunlight.