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Gregg Keizer covers Microsoft, security issues, Apple, Web browsers and general technology breaking news for Computerworld.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla delays final Firefox beta

A delay in shipping the latest beta of Firefox 4 makes it unlikely that Mozilla will ship a finished browser by the end of February.

Internet compass

Bulk of browsers found to be at risk of attack

About eight out of every 10 Web browsers run by consumers are vulnerable to attack by exploits of already-patched bugs, according to security risk and compliance management provider Qualys.

Apple App Store

Antitrust fight against Apple's App Store rules faces 'steep' climb

Apple faces little risk of antitrust threats to the new App Store rules that require content sellers to hand over 30 percent of their revenues, a legal expert tells Computerworld.

judge's gavel legal

Judge tosses iPad overheating lawsuit

A federal judge has tossed a class-action lawsuit that claimed Apple's iPad overheats when used outdoors in warm weather or in direct sunlight.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla adds 'Do Not Track' to newest Firefox 4 beta

Mozilla has rolled out the eleventh beta of Firefox 4, adding the "Do Not Track" feature it touted three weeks ago to the browser.