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Gregg Keizer covers Microsoft, security issues, Apple, Web browsers and general technology breaking news for Computerworld.

iPhone edges out Android smartphones in reliability race

Apple's iPhone remains the most reliable smartphone, edging out hard-charging Android-based handsets made by Motorola and HTC, according to after-sale warranty provider SquareTrade.

Mac OS X Leopard box

Researchers sound alarm over critical Mac OS X bug

Security researchers say that Mac OS X contains a critical vulnerability that attackers could use to hijack Macs running OS X 10.5.

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ITC takes Nokia's side in Apple patent battle

Apple has not proved that rival phone maker Nokia infringed Apple patents, the staff of the U.S. International Trade Commission said in a pre-trial memo.

Enterprises 'jazzed' about iPad, says analyst

Enterprises are "jazzed" about the iPad, an industry analyst said today, citing conversations with dozens of companies that are replacing notebooks with Apple's tablet.

Hackers exploit newest Flash zero-day bug

Adobe today confirmed that hackers are exploiting a critical unpatched bug in Flash Player, and promised to patch the vulnerability in two weeks.

Microsoft strengthens product activation on Mac Office 2011

Microsoft has implemented a product activiation process for Office for the Mac that's far more strict than that used for Windows users.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla delays Firefox 4 release until 2011

Mozilla today announced that it will delay the release of Firefox 4 until 2011.

Apple joins Google in counterattack against Paul Allen lawsuit

Google, Apple and other major vendors are moving to dismiss charges that each has infringed on patents held by a company owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Apple dumps Flash from Mac OS X

Apple will stop bundling Adobes Flash with Mac OS X, the company confirmed Friday.

Mac App Store 'disruptive,' say experts

Apple's decision to open an App Store for the Mac will disrupt the traditional software distribution channel, experts say, even as some questions about the online store remain unanswered.

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Adobe: Hacker 'spotlight' will shine on Reader X's sandbox

Adobe's chief security executive said that the bull's-eye will be on the back of Reader X when the new version ships next month.

Analyst: Verizon iPhone on track for March 2011 debut

Citing sources among Asian parts suppliers, research analyst Brian Marshall of Gleacher & Co. claims Apple is on schedule to launch an iPhone capable of making calls on Verizon's network early next year, most likely in March 2011.

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Judge gives Apple temporary reprieve in $625M patent case

A federal judge delayed his final ruling in a patent infringement lawsuit a Yale professor won against Apple, giving the company more time to dispute a $625 million penalty.