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Gregg Keizer covers Microsoft, security issues, Apple, Web browsers and general technology breaking news for Computerworld.

Corporations go gaga over Android

Corporations are jumping on the Google smartphone bandwagon, with Android device growth outpacing Apple's iPhone 20-fold in the last three months, ChangeWave Research says.

Analysts dispute talk of iPad's impact on PC sales

The death of the PC industry at the hands of Apple's iPad has been greatly exaggerated, analysts said.

Mozilla starts dropping features from Firefox 4

Mozilla, which launched the latest beta of Firefox 4 last week, has started to drop features from the still-under-construction browser.

Amazon leaks Oct. 26 launch of Mac Office 2011

Microsoft will launch the next version of Office for the Mac in just under six weeks, according to

Mozilla fixes Firefox's DLL load hijacking bug

Mozilla on Tuesday patched 15 vulnerabilities in Firefox, 11 of them labeled critical.

Researcher: Apple had two months to fix critical QuickTime bug

A critical bug in QuickTime was reported to Apple two months before a second researcher independently revealed the vulnerability this week, according to the director of a bug bounty program who argues that companies must patch their bugs faster.

Apple's iOS beats Android 6 to 1 on the Web

Apple's iOS mobile operating system is now the third-most popular platform on the Internet, with a share nearly six times larger than Android's, according to Web measurement company Net Applications.

Chrome jumps into hardware speed-up game

Google plans to follow the lead of Microsoft and Mozilla by offloading some browser chores to the graphics processor to speed up Chrome.

Mozilla unveils alpha browser for Android

Mozilla released an alpha version of its mobile browser for smartphones running Google's Android operating system.

New Firefox 4 beta unveils tab manager, sync

Mozilla has launched the fourth Firefox 4 beta, just a few weeks before Microsoft is slated to unveil Internet Explorer 9.

Adobe patches critical Acrobat, Reader bugs

Adobe issued an 'out-of-band' update to patch two vulnerabilities in its Reader PDF software.

Software maker: IT pros ape accused Apple manager's e-mail use

According to a maker of secure file transfer software, most IT professionals use private e-mail accounts to transfer confidential corporate information -- the same routine used by an Apple manager charged with accepting millions in bribes and kickbacks.

Mozilla downplays Firefox bug, passes on fix

Mozilla said it will not patch a bug that blocks the display of a warning when Firefox detects a potentially deceptive URL, saying the flaw was not a threat.

Expert: Apple won't change antenna for Verizon iPhone

An antenna experts predicts that a move to add Verizon as an iPhone carrier won't prompt a change in antenna design.

Apple manager pleads not guilty to kickback charges

The Apple manager who was arrested last week pleaded not guilty Monday to charges of accepting kickbacks of at least $1 million from Asian suppliers.