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Gregg Keizer covers Windows, Office, Apple/enterprise, web browsers and web apps for Computerworld.

Apple tries to kill its own Java on most Macs

Apple yesterday started scrubbing most Macs of older Java browser plug-ins, a move that will force users to download the software from Oracle.

Mozilla pulls new Firefox version over security concerns

A vulnerability could allow a malicious website to capture a person's Web history

Microsoft terms talk of Office on iPad 'inaccurate'

Microsoft today disavowed comments made by its Czech subsidiary that the company will roll out iOS and Android apps of its Office suite early next year.

Windows PCs and Macs at risk of another zero-day Java bug

A security researcher known for finding Java bugs has uncovered a new critical zero-day vulnerability in all currently-supported versions of the popular Oracle software.

Microsoft's moves foreshadow price hike for Mac Office

Microsoft has announced price increases for its Windows Office suite of as much as 17%, but its plans for Office on the Mac remain a mystery.

Google adds 'Do Not Track' to Chrome by year's end

Google has moved a step closer to making good on its promise to support "Do Not Track" in Chrome by the end of this year.


iPhone trade-in prices start to slip after iPhone 5 unveiling

Used iPhone values dropped as much as 8 percent at several trade-in firms after Apple announced the new iPhone 5 and cut prices for two older models this week.

Analysts set high expectations for iPhone 5 Wednesday

One thing's certain, analysts said Wednesday: Just hours from now, Apple will hit a home run when it unveils its next iPhone.

Mac virtualization vendors prep for Windows 8

The two best-known virtualization products for the Mac, Parallels Desktop for Mac and Fusion, have both now produced updates optimized for the upcoming Windows 8.

Inoperable Apple I to be auctioned October 9

Christie's on Tuesday said it will auction off an Apple I computer from the company's first batch, and predicted the machine will sell for as much as $126,000 when it hits the block in October.

Mozilla sets end of Firefox for OS X Leopard

Mozilla will drop support for Apple's OS X 10.5, or Leopard, after it ships Firefox 16 in October, according to company developers.

Apple closes Retina MacBook Pro supply-demand gap

Apple continues to narrow the gap between supply and demand for its high-priced, high-resolution Retina MacBook Pro.

Google building stronger Flash sandbox in Chrome

Google says it had wrapped up work on a stronger Flash sandbox in the Windows version of Chrome, and would soon ship the same for its OS X browser.

Talk of a Sept. 12 iPhone launch triggers trade-in flurry

Speculation about a Sept. 12 announcement of a new iPhone triggered a 70 percent jump in the number of owners trying to unload their current smartphones, according to eBay.

Ad network: Mountain Lion grabs 3 percent share of OS X in first 48 hours

An advertising network claims that Mountain Lion powered more than 3 percent of all Macs within two days of the OS X update's release.