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Liveblog: Amazon's September announcement

Amazon's doing a big event Wednesday morning. We'll have live coverage with Technologizer's Harry McCracken in New York and Jason Snell providing analysis back in San Francisco.

Live Update: Verizon Wireless announces iPhone

Technologizer’s Harry McCracken will be in New York on Tuesday for a Verizon Wireless event that's expected to unveil a Verizon-compatible iPhone. Harry's updates will appear on Macworld as the event unfolds, while Jason Snell will provide commentary.

Switchers guide: moving from Windows to the Mac


Harry McCracken, the former editor of PCWorld and the editor of the Technologizer blog, wrote a guide to switching to the Mac from Windows. It's a good resource for anyone who is making the move from Windows to the Mac. McCracken is himself a semi-switcher -- he uses both a MacBook Pro and a Windows netbook every day

Microsoft's Office Web Apps: So far, pretty so-so

Microsoft’s first Web-based office suite is surprisingly thin on features, including some of the basics.

Genius MousePen i608

The MousePen i608 graphics tablet's basic drawing functionality is good enough that it’s worth considering if you’re on a tight budget, want a spacious work surface, and don’t care about a mouse or bundled software.

Bamboo Fun and Bamboo Pen & Touch

We review and compare two new Wacom consumer pen tablets.

Switchers guide: moving from Windows to the Mac

More and more people are switching from Windows PCs to the Mac. Harry McCracken explains what's involved in the move.

Apple's likely strategy: What would Steve do?

Former PC World editor Harry McCracken argues that Apple should try to mimic Steve Jobs during the CEO's medical leave.

Chrome versus the world

Former PC World editor Harry McCracken weighs in on Chrome, Google’s new browser, and what it means for browser makers like Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera, and Apple.

How Microsoft can reinvent itself in the post-Gates era

With Bill Gates stepping down from his day-to-day duties at Microsoft, PC World offers advice on what his company should do to thrive in the coming years.

Opinion: $199 iPhone is cool, but possibly imaginary

PC World’s Harry McCracken weighs in on Fortune’s report of a $199 iPhone.

PC World: Random iPod thoughts

PC World editor-in-chief Harry McCracken shares a few random thoughts about the latest iPods in the wake of last week's product unveilings.

PC World: 13 reasons not to get an iPhone

PC World editor-in-chief Harry McCracken lists the reasons he passed on making the iPhone his new mobile phone.

Opinion: Apple makes Mac fans play the waiting game

The news that Leopard will be delayed until October has PC World's Harry McCracken wondering what's on the way for Mac fans and when it will ever show up.

Readers respond: Best tech products PC World missed

Earlier this week PC World published a list of the 50 best tech products of the computer age. Based on reader response, here's a dozen more products that could have made the final cut, but didn't.