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Nikon announces new D7000 DSLR

Nikon announced its newest camera on Tuesday, the D7000, which will sit just above the popular D90 in the company's DSLR line-up.

What HDR means for iPhone photos

iOS 4.1 adds an HDR (high dynamic range) option to the iPhone's built-in Camera app. The results are subtly improved and realistic looking photos.

Sony introduces new cameras with translucent mirrors

Sony announced three new camera models on Monday, including two that feature a new translucent mirror technology.

Nikon announces D3100 DSLR camera

The latest addition to Nikon's digital SLR camera lineup is the affordable, 14.1-megapixel D3100.

How to clean a digital camera

You invested a lot of money in your DSLR camera and lenses. Make sure they stay in good condition with these cleaning techniques, tools, and smart practices.

Some iPhone 4 cameras have yellowing problem

Some iPhone 4 owners have been noticing color oddities with photos taken with their iPhone's back camera. Low-light photos images taken using the LED flash are showing up yellow.

iPhone 4 camera beats the smartphone competition

We tested the iPhone 4's camera in our labs, pitting it against four of the latest smartphones on the market. Judge the image quality for yourself with our sample images.

Unboxing the iPhone 4

The first peek inside the box at the shiny new iPhone 4.

What's changed with iOS 4's Photos app

The new iOS brings Places, Faces, and Events to the iPhone's Photos app.

First Look: Lightroom 3

Take a closer look at Lightroom 3's improvements and completely new features.

Adobe releases Lightroom 3

Adobe has released the new version of its photography workflow management and raw processing software, Lightroom 3.

Adobe releases Camera Raw 6.1 update

Adobe has released the final version of its Camera Raw 6.1 update which adds raw support for multiple cameras, as well as improved lens correction features.

Panasonic announces new Lumix compact camera

Panasonic released the Lumix DMC-FX75 on Tuesday. The newest addition to the popular Lumix line of high-end compact cameras has an ultra-wide-lens and shoots HD video.

Eight cool point-and-shoot camera accessories

Why should DSLRs get to have all the fun? Fill up your camera kit with these neat accessories for compact cameras.

Facebook's new features secretly add apps to your profile

If you visit certain sites while logged in to Facebook, an app for those sites will be quietly added to your Facebook profile. You don't need to be signed in to these sites for the apps to appear, and there doesn't appear to be an option to opt-out anywhere in Facebook's byzantine privacy settings.