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Sony announces new interchangeable-lens camera

Sony unveiled its new concept piece at PMA 2010 in Anaheim, designed to rival Micro Four-Thirds cameras.

HP releases new pocket cameras and camcorders

After a hiatus, HP is back in the camera game with 5 new point-and-shoot cameras and 3 new pocket camcorders.

Highlights from Macworld Expo 2010

A closer look at the gear, gadgets, speakers, and software from Macworld Expo 2010.

Photography news from Macworld 2010

Heather Kelly talks with professional photographers about what’s new and interesting at Macworld 2010.

First looks at Aperture 3

Apple let a select group of professional photographers try out a beta version of Aperture 3. We spoke with some of those testers, to find out which of Aperture 3's features they found most useful.

Hasselblad announces the 40-megapixel H4D-40 camera

Hasselblad announces their new new 40-megapixel medium-format DSLR camera, the H4D-40.

Using a long exposure to show motion

Tim Sorrells used his Nikon D300S to take a blurred long exposure of rushing water in the Oconee National Forest.

Six unusual ways to use your photos

Don't limit your photo prints to plain old paper. There are some great customizable products you can put your mark on, including clothes, home decor, and even food.

Go underwater with a point-and-shoot

To capture friendly sea turtles up close, Danny Allen put his regular Canon point-and-shoot camera into a waterproof case.

Create a simple time-lapse movie

You can create a time-lapse movie with your camera, iPhone, or web cam. Time-lapse movies can give us a fresh perspective by speeding up slow-moving action and compressing hours, days, and months into seconds and minutes.

Last minute gifts for photographers

If you've put off shopping for the photographer in your life until the last possible minute, don't panic. This list of easy, no-mall-necessary gifts has something for every level of photographer.

Waiting for a wintery nature shot

High school student and photographer Kellen Witschen braves the Minnesota winter to take this picture of an adorable woodland creature.