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Amazing iPhone photos from readers

Our last Snapshot column explored the wonders of iPhone photography. Readers responded with a flood of their own eye-catching iPhone images. Here are our favorites and the stories behind them.

When is an iPhone better than a DSLR?

Photographer Chase Jarvis shares one of his favorite iPhone images and explains why he thinks iPhones and camera phones are the future of photography.

Five unbelievable printers you can't have

While ink-on-paper printing technology is getting smaller, faster, and more affordable, the world of specialty printers is expanding. Mind-blowing tools are being developed that can print everything from food to human organs.

Four apps to turn your iPhone into a photo assistant

The app store is filled with great tools to help out every kind of photographer. These are some of the most all-around useful apps to have in your iPhone arsenal.

New PhotoTrackr GPS device released

The new PhotoTrackr Mini adds increased Mac compatibility and support for RAW files.

Shoot new angles with kite photography

A reader shares his experience using kite photography to take a picture of the Statue of Liberty.

Must-have apps for iPhone photographers

Lo-fi iPhone phone photography is gaining respect as a legitimate art form. Make your shots gallery-worthy with these apps.

Knomo Prague laptop bag

Knomo's Prague is a slick, designer laptop bag for urban commuters.

Creating starburst effects in photos

A reader shares his tips on how to transform a nighttime city shot with starbursts.

Zipcar app pulls into the App Store

The app from the urban car sharing service has arrived in the App Store, let users search for nearby Zipcars.

7 tips for selling your photos

Take advantage of the microstock industry that is giving skilled amateur photographers a chance to make money from their images

CameraBag app jumps from iPhone to Mac

The popular CameraBag app is now available as a desktop program

Google updates Picasa photo editing software

Google's new Picasa 3.5 software includes face tagging and geotagging features

5 easy projects for your summer photos

Free your photos from the printed album by turning them into videos, magnets, wallpaper, scrapbooks, or collaborative online galleries.

Creating panoramic images

Free your photos from the rectangle. In this week's snapshot column, photographer RC Rivera explains how he took and assembled an urban panoramic image.