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Facebook tweaks Beacon again, Zuckerberg apologizes

Facebook has modified its controversial Beacon ad system once again, now letting people decline participation in it completely.

AT&T says its wireless network also open to outside devices

AT&T says its wireless network has been open to outside devices and applications for years.

SourceForge opens eBay-like marketplace

Open-source project hosting site takes cue from Red Hat's Exchange.

Price war between Intel and AMD winding down, study says

Intel, AMD want to end x86 price war, an iSuppli survey said.

Google integrates AIM into Gmail

Google integrates AIM into its Gmail Web mail client.

Nokia to launch 'free' music download service

Nokia will launch a new service next year that allows people who buy certain phones to download music for free for a year after they purchase the device.

CA: Beacon's reach extends to non-Facebook users

Facebook’s Beacon doesn’t limit its tracking to Facebook users — it tracks everyone in the Beacon partner sites.

Nokia lays plan for more Internet services

Nokia unveiled an ambitious plan on Tuesday to move beyond cell phones and deeper into the world of Internet services.

Wi-Fi chipset sales soaring this year, group says

Wi-Fi chip shipments will soar to 300 million [m] this year, the Wi-Fi Alliance predicted.

AT&T to quit pay phone business

AT&T will exit the pay-phone business by the end of next year.

Attackers target unpatched QuickTime flaw

Attackers are trying to exploit an unpatched vulnerability in Apple's QuickTime software.

Vivendi, Activision to create computer games giant

Vivendi plans to acquire a majority stake in games publisher Activision and merge the company with its own gaming unit to form a massive video games publisher.

Ed Zander replaced at struggling Motorola

Ed Zander will give up his job as the CEO of Motorola at the end of the year, the company announced Friday.

Google working to make Street View anonymous

Google is thinking about changing its Street View map feature to protect the privacy of those who appear in its photographs.

As ISPs choke file-sharing, users look elsewhere

As ISPs constrict file-sharing services such as Bittorrent, new data shows that users are moving to file-hosting Web sites to avoid the bandwidth lockdown.