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MySpace joins Google's OpenSocial project

Google got a boost for its OpenSocial platform with the support from MySpace.

China's Olympic ticketing system crashes on first day

Ticket sales for the Beijing Olympics got off to a rough start this week when the ticketing system crashed under a rush of buyers.

Hackers sneak tricks into MySpace band pages

Several band MySpace profiles have been rigged to serve up malicious software, according to security vendor FaceTime Communications.

Privacy groups call for do-not-track list

A coalition of nine privacy and consumer groups have proposed a U.S. do-not-track list that would allow consumers to opt out of advertising efforts that track their movements online.

Google mobile OS unlikely, analysts say

While it isn't yet clear what type of mobile announcement Google plans to make, it is clear what Google should do and why the company is interested in mobile services, experts say.

Critic: FTC needs to take action on targeted ads

One critic calls on the FTC to regulate online advertising data collection.

With screenshot out, Google denies ranking hanky-panky

An image with dollar figures next to Google search results prompted speculation that commercial considerations affect Google rankings, but Google denies it.

Security geeks say Leopard needs fixing

Security experts said that Apple's Leopard operating system needs work

Google makes its social networking move

Google will unveil an initiative this week to make it easier for developers to create applications for multiple social networking sites via a set of open APIs.

Report: Google phone platform due out in mid 2008

Google may announce within weeks that it will launch a mobile phone applications platform by mid-2008, according to The Wall Street Journal.

News Corp., NBC launch beta of Hulu video venture

News Corp. and NBC Universal Monday debuted their joint-venture online video service with a private beta adding a new rival to Google's YouTube.

Cash isn't king: Apple limits iPhone purchases

Apple is accepting only credit or debit card payments for iPhones, according to Apple Store employees, in an effort to curb people from unlocking the device.

Leopard release makes crowds roar across the country

Big crowds turned out at Apple Stores across the country as soon as Mac OS X 10.5 became available at 6 p.m. local time Friday.

AMD tuning out distractions to bring ATI on board

AMD's merger with graphics chip maker ATI remains on track despite plenty of other distractions.

Apple's Leopard pounces on Tokyo

The update to Apple’s Mac OS X operating system, called Leopard, went on sale at the Apple Store in Tokyo on Friday evening, part of a global launch that will unfold around the world over the next 24 hours.