AT&T sues Vonage for patent infringement

AT&T filed a patent-infringement lawsuit against Vonage.

Intel: Patent reform still needed

Intel’s general counsel calls for patent reform to move forward in Congress.

Firefox tries again for URI fix, adds Leopard support

Mozilla has released Firefox, fixing another URI protocol handler issue.

AMD reports fourth straight quarter of net losses

Still carrying the weight of costs related to last year’s acquisition of graphics vendor ATI, Advanced Micro Devices recorded its fourth straight quarter of net losses Thursday.

Symantec: Attackers exploiting new RealPlayer flaw

Symantec says attackers are exploiting a critical flaw in the latest version of RealPlayer.

Google continues to boom in third quarter

Google continues to grow revenue at a healthy clip, reporting an increase of almost 60 percent in the third quarter compared to the same period last year.

Web, media companies issue copyright use principles

A group of media and Web companies create a set of copyright use principles.

Facebook wants to make members' data portable

Facebook’s CEO said his company wants to make users’ data portable, but declined to give a timeline that feature.

Spammers' new MP3 trick may be short-lived

A new type of spam has hit inboxes in the last two days, but it’s not likely the trick will be successful much longer.

Couple swarmed by SWAT team after 911 'hack'

A teenager has been arrested for hacking the Orange County 911 system and dispatching a SWAT team to an area couple’s home.

States keep antitrust pressure on Microsoft

Several U.S. states are requesting a five-year extension of the antitrust judgment against Microsoft to ensure the company’s compliance, a court filing said.

Senators: Customers need more mobile phone info

US senators are calling for a mobile-phone customer bill of rights.

MySpace will open platform to external developers

MySpace will open up its platform to third party developers, following in the footsteps of rival Facebook.

After New York investigation, Facebook to beef up safety

Facebook will take steps to better police itself following an New York Attorney General investigation.

Report: Apple's Mac shipments surge 15.9 percent

Apple’s hardware shipments for the third-quarter surged 15.9 percent over the same quarter last year.