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Hitachi to cram 4TB on desktop hard drives by 2009

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies plans to announce Monday it has developed technology that will quadruple the storage capacity of desktop hard drives within the next two years.

Researcher: Mac OS, Linux may have URI issues

Security researchers hope to show how URI protocol handler flaws affect platforms like Linux and Mac OS X.

AOL to lay off 20 percent of staff

AOL will lay off about 20 percent of its workforce in the coming months.

Universal rousing an iTunes rebellion, report says

The head of Universal Music is enlisting partners for a new music service that will seek to undermine Apple's iTunes, a report Friday said.

Mozilla working on new mobile browser

Mozilla said it plans to develop a browser for mobile phones.

AP sues VeriSign's Moreover news aggregator

The Associated Press filed a lawsuit against news aggregator Moreover, which is owned by VeriSign, charging copyright infringement.

Google brings universal search to Search Appliance

Google plans to release a new version of its Search Appliance in the coming days that incorporates universal search into this enterprise search device.

Samsung reveals latest music phones

Samsung Electronics has unveiled a refreshed line-up of three new cell phones that are targeted at music lovers.

Small carriers: Spectrum auction rules will limit bids

Some small businesses may be shut out of upcoming wireless spectrum auctions in the US, some groups say.

Price of DRAM falls 25 percent

The price of the most widely used DRAM fell 25 percent, which should lead to bargains for users.

Google delivers ad-supported video clips via AdSense

Google has started to distribute ad-supported video clips via its AdSense ad network.

AT&T buys high-speed wireless spectrum

AT&T buys high-speed wireless spectrum for $2.5 billion.

Guilty defendant in RIAA suit hit with $220,000 fine

RIAA won a key digital music file sharing case Thursday against a single mother, with a U.S. jury finding her guilty of copyright infringement.

Analysis: Despite lawsuits, peer-to-peer growing

Copyright advocates and electronic rights groups react to the verdict against a Minnesota woman found guilty of using the Kazaa peer-to-peer software to share music.

Sony spinoff plans high-end FED monitors for 2009

A spinoff from Sony plans to sell a range of high-end FED monitors in 2009.