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Google releases Android SDK

Google released the Android SDK and announced it will award up to $10 million in prizes to developers.

Google's Android just a press release, says Ballmer

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer declined to comment on Google's Android platform on Thursday saying it was nothing but a press release at present.

Vonage tentatively settles AT&T patent lawsuit

Vonage reaches a tenative agreement to settle a patent infringement lawsuit by AT&T.

ARM's CEO talks on Google, iPhone and Acorns

The CEO of microprocessor maker ARM, whose fortunes are tied to the smartphone business, talks about Google's Android platform, Apple's iPhone and other issues in this interview.

Opposition to Google's DoubleClick deal mounting

Privacy advocates and members of Congress are raising questions about the proposed $1.3 billion purchase of DoubleClick, the display advertising giant, by the leading Internet search provider.

HP zooms out of the camera business

HP shifts its digital camera business model, channeling investments from design and distribution to its photo printing strategy.

Google demands non-fragmentation pledge for Android

Google is requesting that companies interested in using its "Android" mobile technology to adhere to an "antifragmentation clause" to prevent the platform from splitting.

HTC already working on Google phone

HTC is already working on a Google phone, which will launch in the second half of next year.

Apple posts QuickTime security fix

Apple has issued a new release of QuickTime, patching critical security issues with the media playing software.

Google offers up 'Android' as its new open mobile platform

Google has detailed its highly-anticipated Android platform, an open development platform for mobile devices backed by industry heavyweights.

Analysis: Google's Android adds to mobile complexity

Handset makers and operators are regarding Android, the new Linux-based mobile phone software announced by Google Monday, as one more of many platforms that they already use and not the unifying force Google is touting.

LG's iPhone look-alike launched in Europe

The iPhone-like handset that LG Electronics unveiled at August’s IFA trade show is now on sale in Europe, the company said Monday.

Online privacy policies need work, advocates say

Privacy notices online need to be simpler and more easy to find, some privacy advocates say.

MySpace joins Google's OpenSocial project

Google got a boost for its OpenSocial platform with the support from MySpace.

China's Olympic ticketing system crashes on first day

Ticket sales for the Beijing Olympics got off to a rough start this week when the ticketing system crashed under a rush of buyers.