Facebook ID, fraud, and the dark side of the Web

The Le Web 3 conference kicked off in Paris Tuesday with a discussion about the dark side of Web 2.0.

Group files text-blocking complaint with FCC

Eight public-interest groups call on the FCC to prohibit mobile phone carriers from blocking text messages.

Group wants WTO suit filed against China for censorship

A California free-speech group wants the U.S. government to bring a WTO complaint against China for Internet censorship.

Toshiba to make flash-based notebook drives

Toshiba will begin manufacturing flash-based solid state drives early next year for laptops.

RIM, Yahoo, JetBlue to offer in-flight WiFi

JetBlue will offer a limited Wi-Fi service on one airplane starting next week.

Denver airport goes fast and free on Wi-Fi

Denver International Airport is betting that travelers will like getting something for free, and so far it looks like a good bet.

Facebook partners quiet on Beacon fallout

Many of the companies that were part of the launch of Facebook’s new advertising platform intend to continue, despite privacy concerns.

LinkedIn opens site to developers, jazzes up design

LinkedIn will let developers build applications for its professional networking site, part of a raft of changes to the professional networking site.

CompUSA closing shop

CompUSA is winding down operations after being acquired by an investment firm

Delay, repairs, even success hit Palm's profit

Palm expects a product delay, warranty repairs and lower prices to hurt its quarterly results.

Facebook doesn't budge on Beacon's broad user tracking

Facebook gives no indication of modifying Beacon's ability to track the actions of all users, whether they are Facebook members or not.

Report: Apple threatens shops selling iPhone in Singapore

Apple has reportedly threatened shops in Singapore with legal action

Facebook tweaks Beacon again, Zuckerberg apologizes

Facebook has modified its controversial Beacon ad system once again, now letting people decline participation in it completely.

SourceForge opens eBay-like marketplace

Open-source project hosting site takes cue from Red Hat's Exchange.

AT&T says its wireless network also open to outside devices

AT&T says its wireless network has been open to outside devices and applications for years.