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PS3 sales jump in US on heels of price cut

Sales of the PlayStation 3 have more than doubled in North America since a price cut and lower cost version were launched, Sony said Thursday.

Eateries groove with help from iPod DJs

Savvy entrepreneurs have found a way to capitalize on the iPod by providing customized playlists to hip businesses that want to project a certain ambience to their clientele.

Studies show online holiday spending uncertain

ComScore is expecting a 20 percent gain in online holiday spending, but Nielsen believes a drop in overall budgets might slow growth.

Under pressure, T-Mobile unlocks iPhone in Germany

T-Mobile in Germany will sell an unlocked version of Apple's iPhone while it fights a legal challenge from rival Vodafone.

Vodafone protests T-Mobile's iPhone sales in Germany

T-Mobile continued to sell Apple’s iPhone in Germany on Tuesday, despite a legal challenge filed on Monday by rival Vodafone.

Amazon finds a new use for 3G with Kindle

Amazon's Kindle e-book reader may open up a new model for mobile data.

Firefox adds security search with 3.0 beta

Mozilla has released its first beta version of Firefox 3.0.

Amazon launches Kindle e-book reader launches Kindle, an e-book reader.

EarthLink takes hard look at muni Wi-Fi unit

EarthLink signalled it might sell its municipal Wi-Fi business.

Study: Internet could run out of capacity in two years

The Internet could run out of capacity in about two years, according to a new study.

Google and Sun may butt heads over Android

Google and Sun maybe bound for a showdown over the way Google's Android mobile phone platform handles Java.

With Web 2.0, a new breed of malware evolves

Attackers are beginning to use Web 2.0 services to create a new breed of malware.

Leopard mauls competition, takes half Japan retail market

Apple’s new Leopard operating system took a sizable bite of the Japanese retail operating system market during October and accounted for over half of all sales of packaged operating system software despite being on sale for only the last six days of the month.

Apple could build Penryn into Xserve

Apple could first plug Penryn processors into its Xserve line of Unix-based servers.

Study: Apple's new phones lead to iTypos

A new study found that while iPhone users can type as fast as users of phones with keypads, they make more mistakes.