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Google's Nexus One event: What to expect

Why wait until Tuesday to find out what Google has up its sleeve at its Android-related event? PC World's Ian Paul looks at what might come out of the event in regards to the rumored Nexus One smartphone.

Track Santa online With Google Earth

The Northern American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is partnering with Google to track Santa's Christmas travels.

HDTV holiday pricing: How low can it go?

Missed out on HDTV Black Friday door buster deals? It's not too late to get a great deal.

Google's 'Nexus One' test phone: Details emerge

Over the weekend, Google set off a fury of speculation when employees tweeted they were testing a new Android-based mobile device -- possibly a phone developed entirely by Google.

Chrome Extensions for Mac coming soon

Earlier this week, Google launched browser extensions for Chrome for Windows and Linux users, but not for the newly released Mac version of Chrome. However, it's said to be in the works.

Twitter co-founder Squares up credit card payments

Square is a new product that turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a credit card payment system.

Apple to offer big Black Friday discounts?

According to rumors on the Internet, Apple might be getting ready to offer some steep discounts on Black Friday that could save you hundreds of dollars on iPods, Mac computers, and Apple software.

Apple beats Psystar: Is it a win for you?

Apple won big in its case against clone-maker Psystar. But did consumers? PC World's Ian Paul share his thoughts.

Mint puts Twitter to work

The popular online finance service Mint launched a new feature on Thursday that uses Twitter's real-time information stream to keep users updated on the latest financial news and tips.

Google Editions embraces universal e-book format

Google will launch an e-book store that won't be device-specific, allowing for e-books bought through Google Editions to be read on a far greater number of e-book readers.

Microsoft recovers most Sidekick data

Microsoft has good news for most Sidekick users: the company says it has recovered most of the data for T-Mobile Sidekick users who saw personal information...

Report: New iPhone 3GS may be jailbreak-proof

The cat-and-mouse game between Apple and a cadre of hackers continues as Apple is reportedly now shipping iPhone 3GS units that are jailbreak-proof.

Newton veteran returns to Apple... to market rumored tablet?

Michael Tchao, one of the leading proponents of the Newton, is back to work at Apple, according to the New York Times.

Google Docs adds student-friendly features

Over the summer, Google hired student interns to figure out what features Google Docs was lacking that would encourage more students to use the productivity suite. Here's what Google's adding to attract a younger crowd

Gaming consoles gear up for the holidays

The holidays are just around the corner, and gaming console makers hope to make 2009 a record-setting year.