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Comedy Central to leave Hulu

The Daily Show with John Stewart and The Colbert Report, two of the most popular shows on Hulu, will no longer be available for streaming viewing.

Google Buys Picnik: 6 Unanswered Questions

Now that Google has scooped up the photo-editing service, we have to wonder how Picnik will fit in to Google's vast collection of Web-based apps.

Google adds, drops Gmail features

Google has made some changes to its Gmail service, upgrading six Gmail Labs experiments (like YouTube previews) to become standard Gmail features.

Twitter integration comes to Yahoo

Yahoo on Wednesday announced it would be providing integrated Twitter results in its search engine.

Report: Interactive textbooks headed to iPad

Software developer ScrollMotion has been tapped to develop iPad-friendly versions of textbooks for education publishers like McGraw Hill, Houghton Mifflin, and Kaplan, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Steve Jobs reportedly disses Apple rivals during town hall meeting

Google and Adobe were apparent recipients of Steve Jobs-delivered putdowns, according to online reports of an Apple town hall meeting.

Report: Bravo TV teams with Foursquare

Fans of Bravo television may soon be racing around the United States to stand in more than 500 locations across the country recommended by their favorite shows...

Google Earth reveals the devastation in Haiti

Google responded to the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti earlier this week by working with satellite imagery company GeoEye to quickly make images of the destruction available in Google Earth and Google Maps. The images could provide a helpful tool for aid organizations.

Facebook tracks your every move, employee claims

Facebook is tracking your every move on the site -- or so says one purported Facebook employee, according to an anonymous interview with an online magazine.

Google's Nexus One event: What to expect

Why wait until Tuesday to find out what Google has up its sleeve at its Android-related event? PC World's Ian Paul looks at what might come out of the event in regards to the rumored Nexus One smartphone.

Track Santa online With Google Earth

The Northern American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is partnering with Google to track Santa's Christmas travels.