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Amazon leaks Zune HD pricing

Pricing for the Zune HD appeared on Amazon.com, and PC World's Ian Paul thinks the Microsoft device could give the iPod touch a run for its money.

Twitter redesigns home page to woo new users

PC World's Ian Paul takes a closer look at Twitter's new home page, which the microblogging service changed to attract new users.

Second RIAA piracy trial starts

A new trial involving the Recording Industry Association of America and music piracy is underway, and if Monday’s proceedings are any indication, it figures to be an interesting case.

Twitter hacked—secrets to be revealed?

Alleged internal documents and sensitive information from Twitter and its employees might be posted today on news sites and other Web outlets.

Google Images adds usage rights filters

Google Images, formerly Google Image Search, has added new functionality that lets you find photos licensed for third-party use free of charge, and has made explicit image filtering much easier.

Google's 'My Location' tracks PC's location on Google Maps

Google is making it easier for you to find out where you are, with the introduction of My Location for the desktop.

AT&T: Best sales ever on iPhone 3GS launch day

The exclusive service provider for the iPhone in the U.S. said it had its best-ever day of sales when the iPhone 3GS launched, according to a leaked memo.

iPhone 3GS is jailbreakable -- does it matter?

The iPhone Dev Team says the iPhone 3GS is officially jailbreakable. But PC World's Ian Paul wonders if there's much of a market for jailbroken iPhones any more.

The Simpsons: Worth more on Hulu than Fox

Ad rates for popular shows like The Simpsons and CSI are higher online than they are on prime-time TV.

Palm gets friendly with Pre hackers

Palm appears to be giving tacit approval to groups trying to hack the Palm Pre and Palm's new handset operating system -- a sharp contrast to Apple's relationship with iPhone hackers.

Palm Pre coming to Verizon in January?

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Pre will be on Verizon's network early next year. PC World's Ian Paul looks at that possibility as well as what it might mean for the AT&T-Apple partnership.

Will TomTom iPhone app mean the end of one-function devices?

PC World's Ian Paul looks at the implications of TomTom's iPhone app and concludes that the more functionality the iPhone gets, the more obsolete one-function devices become.

WWDC: Final Apple predictions

PC World offers a final round-up of WWDC predictions in advance of Monday morning's keynote.

Google suffers another service outage

Google dealt with another service outage Monday, this time affecting its Google News service.

Google outage lesson: Don't get stuck in a cloud

Google has apologized for yesterday's service outage that left 14 percent of its user base without Google's wide variety of online services for a few hours. Lesson learned -- don't trust the "cloud" with your data, exclusively.