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Sony cuts Tablet S pricing by $100

A price cut to Sony's Tablet S shows how iPad rivals are trying to compete with Apple's dominance in the market by lowering prices.

10 Black Friday digital camera deals

These digital camera and camcorder Black Friday deals will make finding that perfect "something" a lot easier to find when shopping for the shutterbug on your gift list.

Hands on with YouTube's new video editor

PCWorld's Ian Paul spends some time with the newly introduced video editing features for Google's YouTube online video site.

Facebook CEO addresses privacy concerns

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Monday publicly addressed the growing criticisms against his company for its failure to safeguard user privacy.

Google gives the gift of Pac-Man forever

Google has announced that its interactive 30th anniversary Pac-Man doodle has earned a permanent spot on Google.com.

Report: Facebook debates privacy changes

Facebook is reportedly undergoing internal struggles as the company debates concerns raised over user privacy, and the social network may revamp its user privacy settings in the coming days.

Facebook plans a privacy summit

Facing a growing chorus of dissatisfaction from users, pundits, critics, and lawmakers, Facebook is reportedly holding an all hands meeting on to address the backlash against the company's privacy policies.

Five burning questions about the Verizon-Google tablet

Verizon says it's working on an iPad rival with Google. But with so little information available, a number of questions about this rumored device remain.

Mozilla discusses Firefox 4 plans

The new version of Firefox will focus on features like improved speed, a simpler user interface, and HTML 5 technologies. And Mozilla spent some time this week discussing some features being considered for Firefox 4.

Five ways Facebook should improve user privacy

Whenever Facebook introduces new services, especially those that expand into other parts of the Web, it doesn't take long before privacy advocates and users...

iPad resellers profit from Apple's shipping delay

Would you pay $10000 for a hand-delivered iPad? That's what some hopeful iPad entrepreneurs are banking on. Online retailers are jacking-up iPad prices after Apple announced delays in international shipments.

Ten questions about iPhone OS 4.0

Just before Apple gives a sneak preview of the next major version of the iPhone operating system, PCWorld's Ian Paul shares what's on his mind about the big event.

iPad mania brings scams, dubious offers to Web

The Web is full of people looking to make a quick buck off of iPad fever.

Apple may have leaked iPad game titles

Apple reportedly let slip a preview of some iPad games that will be available in the iTunes App Store once the iPad ships to customers in early April.

Will the iPad be jailbroken at launch?

Hacker George Holtz says he's developed a new untethered software jailbreak method for the iPhone that may also work on the iPad. But do you really need to jailbreak Apple's forthcoming tablet?