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Google Reader adds comments

Google has added a new feature Google Reader: the ability to comment on shared items.

Microsoft's app store: here's the deal

Microsoft has unveiled further plans for its new app store called Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Google disses Twitter

Speaking at a financial conference, Google CEO (and Apple board member) Eric Schmidt called Twitter a “poor man’s e-mail system.”

iPhone rules—thanks to the apps

Apple's iPhone is king of the mobile world, according to reports from two different metrics firms, PC World reports.

Facebook yields to user outrage, reverts to old terms of service

After a user revolt, Facebook has backed away from new terms of service that many considered a privacy violation.

iPhone app helps gamblers count cards

Blackjack Card Counter's stealth mode makes counting cards easy—and illegal.

Nokia may open App Store

Rumors abound that Nokia may launch an application store for its Symbian platform. And Microsoft could get into the act, too.

Next Mac OS: Learning from iPhone?

Snow Leopard will reportedly support Core Location services as well as multitouch access for developers.

Take a peek at the Google Drive

A long-awaited online storage tool from Google may become a reality, if a detailed description of the Google Drive found in a suite of Google desktop programs is accurate.

Does Apple own touch technology?

What effect will Apple's patent for its coveted multitouch technology have on innovation

Android app market gets down to business

Google’s Android App Market will begin selling applications in early 2009.

Delta's in-flight Wi-Fi service takes off

Delta Airlines plans to begin offering Wi-Fi access on flights starting Tuesday.

Gmail adds text messaging (again)

After a failed launch in October, Google had reintroduced text messaging to Gmail.

Send Fake Calls to your iPhone

Now available in the App Store, Fake Calls will make it look like you’ve just gotten a phone call on your iPhone, allowing you to escape from meetings, conversation, and other awkward situations.

Netflix stops selling DVDs

Netflix is exiting the previously-viewed DVD market. In a blog post Monday, the company said it would stop selling DVDs to its members as of November 30 to focus on DVD rentals and streaming video.