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Zenprise offers iPad app for secure SharePoint access

Positioned as a data loss prevention tool, the app and server software focuses on enforcing SharePoint content policies on iOS devices

iPhone OS 3.0 adopts some BlackBerry-like security

With the forthcoming iPhone 3.0 update, the iPhone is moving a bit closer to enterprise requirements, according to InfoWorld.

Exec touts developing iPhone apps without SDK

Through a combination of Microsoft and other technologies, developers can build a Web application for the iPhone without having to use Apple’s SDK, the CEO of a consulting firm says.

iPhone announcements exceed mobile experts' expectations

Apple's iPhone SDK offers far more than many expected, according to mobile developers that InfoWorld spoke with after the long-awaited SDK unveiling Thursday.

Outfitting the iPhone for business

You've heard it all before. The CEO buys an iPhone, falls in love, and leans on IT to shift its stack of tasks to make work-enabling his new gadget IT Priority No. 1.

Infoworld: Hackers take aim at Mac OS X

Among its list of 10 underreported stories from 2007, Infoworld lists Mac OS X's rising desirability of a target for hackers.

Leopard Server: The people's UNIX

Tom Yager looks at Mac OS X v10.5 Server, and approves.

Viacom exec not satisfied with Google plan

The chief executive of media giant Viacom expressed reservations Thursday about Google’s plan to enter YouTube content into a database and give owners the chance to take down the material.

Common AJAX platform seen for devices, desktops

Attendees of a mobile AJAX workshop see a common platform emerging across mobile and desktop devices.

Web, AJAX slammed for deficiencies

The Web and AJAX have many deficiencies including security holes, according to a Yahoo architect who spoke at The Rich Web Experience conference.

Microsoft releases Silverlight 1.0 video technology

Microsoft is releasing Silverlight 1.0, a Web video plug-in it hopes to rival Adobe Flash.

Enterprise comes to the iPhone

People are rethinking the capability of the iPhone as a business tool after the news that NetSuite runs on the Apple mobile device almost as well as it runs on a desktop.

Adobe AIR fulfills hopes for cross-platform developers

Developers have high hopes for Adobe’s newly named AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) software, but reservations remain about the technology’s cross-platform capability and learning curve.

Mobile developers disappointed with iPhone news

Steve Jobs's WWDC announcement that there will be a "new way to create applications for the iPhone" via the Safari browser engine disappointed many Mac developers who were hoping for the ability to design native apps. But there's also disappointment from another quarter: mobile developers who focus on the mobile-device world.

Opinion: Jobs' ideal iPhone app won't run on an iPhone

InfoWorld's Tom Yager assesses at Apple's decision to let developers build iPhone apps using AJAX and other Web 2.0 technologies.