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JAVAONE: Sun's JavaFX to take on AJAX, Silverlight

Sun will detail a plan Tuesday that could make Java a formidable player in the scripting language space.

Microsoft-Yahoo deal still worth doing

Some analysts see the rumored Microsoft-Yahoo discussions as an act of desperation by two lumbering incumbents that are falling further behind Google each day. However, there are pros and cons to the deal.

Vonage files to vacate patent ruling

A new U.S. Supreme Court ruling may be a big break for VOIP service provider Vonage as it struggles to overcome a lawsuit filed by Verizon.

Opinion: Apple II turns 30

Thirty years ago, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple II at the West Coast Computer Faire.

Microsoft: DOT Vista snub won't ripple

Microsoft officials deny that the Department of Transportation’s recent moratorium on adoption of Windows Vista is indicative of any widespread reluctance in the government sector to install the new operating system.

IEEE 802.11n working group approves draft 2.0

The IEEE's 802.11n working group has given its stamp of approval to the next draft version of the wireless specification that's featured in Apple's forthcoming AirPort Extreme Base Station and Apple TV products.

EarthLink CEO Betty dead at 49

The ISP announced that its CEO, Garry Betty, died Tuesday due to complications from cancer.

Sun readies NetBeans boost

Sun has prepared an update to NetBeans, its Java-based open source integrated development environment (IDE).

InfoWorld: Apple's iPod virus response draws fire

Security professionals, including Microsoft's own product release virus scanning chief, called Apple's efforts to deflect blame for factory-infected iPods onto Microsoft misleading and said it reveals a troubling lack of thoroughness in the company's manufacturing process.

Will Leopard get buried by Vista buzz?

Mac OS X Leopard could face some stiff competition from Windows Vista capturing the eye of the press.

Infoworld Q&A: Microsoft, Apple eyed for AJAX alliance

InfoWorld Editor at Large Paul Krill speaks with David Boloker, one of the founders of OpenAjax Alliance, about AJAX, the security issues around it, and the possibilities of other vendors such as Microsoft and Apple joining the alliance.

Opinion: An Apple for the enterprise?

With Apple having switched its entire Mac line to Intel microprocessors and 64-bit computing gaining traction, Tom Yager says the time is right for enterprise IT managers to look at Apple -- and offers some responses to the typical reasons why Macs are rejected.

OpenAjax Alliance tackles interoperability

Looking to bolster AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and development of Web 2.0 applications, the OpenAjax Alliance on Wednesday plans to introduce a project that addresses AJAX interoperability issues.

Google unveils Office rival

With Microsoft Office clearly in its long-range sites, Google today launched a package of Web-based productivity apps.

Dell, Sony discussed battery problem 10 months ago

Dell and Sony knew about a problem with laptop batteries as much as 10 months ago, but didn't act before they began exploding.