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Yahoo worm demonstrates AJAX threat

Cool Web 2.0 technologies come under attack.

Opinion: Why Apple snubs its open source geeks

Tom Yager finds Apple's excuses lacking for why it hasn't made an open version of its OS X kernel source code for Intel-based Macs.

Opinion: Apple closes down OS X

Tom Yager notes that Apple doesn't make available an open version of Darwin for Intel-based Macs.

Researcher: Mac OS X security patch falls short

Apple has posted a security update for Mac OS X, but a researcher who uncovered some of the flaws says it's still not enough.

AJAX initiative adds backers

OpenAjax added some big backers on Tuesday including Adobe and SAP.

AJAX in the spotlight next week and beyond

AJAX is becoming more popular on the Web and now the technology has its own tradeshow.

Opinion: Apple follows the money

The Mac maker knows which side its bread is buttered on, and it's not the enterprise.

PHP catching on at enterprises, vying with Java

The open-source scripting language PHP is starting to compete with Java in enterprise-level Web deployments, according to speakers at a conference.

W3C objects to US Copyright Office's browser plan

The World Wide Web Consortium is protesting a proposal that would require applicants using online claim forms at the U.S. Copyright Office to have either MS Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers installed.

VeriSign to pilot Wi-Fi, wide-area roaming service

VeriSign on Tuesday announced trials at three major universities aimed at integrating on-campus Wi-Fi with any wide-area wireless carrier network, enabling data and voice roaming between networks.

Opinion: Dude, you're getting a Mac!

Tom Yager offers his opinion on Apple’s move to Intel and his hopes for the future of Apple’s server business.

Opinion: Are Tiger's features compelling enough?

I recently upgraded to the 10.4 Tiger version of Mac OS X, and I’ve been getting acquainted with its new features. The headline attractions are Spotlight (for search), Dashboard (for lightweight applications), and Automator (for scripting). Although I’m happy to have them, none seems likely to make me wildly more productive. That’s not entirely Apple’s fault, though. As the boundaries between desktop systems and the network continue to blur, it gets harder to deliver value purely in the form of OS or application upgrades.

Tiger purrs for developers and IT

Tiger — Mac OS X 10.4 — marks a turning point in the evolution of the Mac platform. The numerous enhancements to Mac OS X 10.4 and Mac OS X Server 10.4 are clearly aimed at the broad base of IT and professional users, rather than niches with spillover into offices and datacenters. This is the enterprise OS that Apple’s IT customers and developers thought they’d get when Xserve G5 shipped.

Macromedia demos future versions of Flash

Macromedia's technology agenda is focused on boosting Web-based video experiences, company officials said during the Flashforward2005 conference on Thursday.

Akamai to deliver Flash content to desktops

Akamai Technologies Inc. and Macromedia Inc. on Tuesday are announcing availability of Akamai Streaming for use with Macromedia Flash, providing Akamai customers with an on-demand Flash streaming media service.