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Opinion: Apple quietly raises the stakes

Normally I don't cover Macworld Conference & Expo, not because it's not an interesting show but because until now Apple Computer Inc. had not much to propose about storage. Things have changed.

Apple and IBM Power ahead together

The Power5 hasn't yet arrived in an Apple machine, despite the similarly named PowerPC G5, the Mac's latest, greatest CPU. Apple's G5 is actually based on the Power4 -- except with a single core, a smaller die, less heat, and lower power consumption.

IBM's Power5 worth a second look

If all things were equal and IBM Corp. made its systems as accessible as Dell Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co. do theirs, the IBM Power5 processor could bury Intel Corp.'s Itanium 2. First introduced last summer, the Power5 is a one-two punch, a triumph of engineering from a company that excels not only in processor design but also in the submicron science of chip manufacturing and packaging.